“Champs” Filming

GARTH over at Dark Horizons has uncovered more filming locations for “Champs.” This Sunday filming will take place at the Detroit Grand Prix. Several scenes are scheduled to be filmed in front of the expected crowd of 200,000.

Then during the weekend of July 14-16, filming will move to the Molson Indy Track in Toronto. MolsonIndy.com has posted the following:


CART’s SLY Strategy”… In an effort to increase public awareness of Champ Car racing, actor SYLVESTER STALLONE has created a feature movie based on the FedEx Championship Series. The film, whose working title is ‘Champs’ will be produced by Franchise Pictures in cooperation with CART, and portions of the film will be shot at the Molson Indy track in Toronto. “CART‘s brand of open-wheel auto racing provides some of the most thrilling, emotionally involving and inspiring racing in the world,” says STALLONE.” It is extremely important to me that we create a film that accurately depicts the true sense of CART – the emotion, excitement, speed, technology and glamour that is Champ Car racing.” Stallone has begun shooting at various tracks on the FedEx Championship Series circuit. Watch for STALLONE and the cast of ‘Champs’ both on and off-track at the Molson Indy in Toronto.

– Craig Zablo (June 16, 2000)