Cosmo Carboni, Mumbles and Thomas Boatwright

Thomas Boatwright created the piece above when I requested Sly from Paradise Alley.  Boatwright is such a Tom Waits fan that he felt compelled to add him since Waits played Mumbles in the movie.  How cool is that?

Over the years I’ve gotten several Stallone pieces from Thomas.  Click on the link to see what has been posted so far… there are more to come.

If you’d like to see more of Thomas Boatwright’s art check out his blog and his instagram. Send him some love.

If you get commissions, you should consider a piece from Thomas. He keeps you totally in the loop on his progress, finishes his commissions on or ahead of schedule, has very reasonable prices, is a fantastic artist and always gives you more than you’re expecting!   – Craig