Entertainment Weekly: Rambo Returns

The August 4, 2006 issue of Entertainment Weekly features a full page article by Mandi Bierly titled “Rambo Returns.” Here are some excerpts:

  • “… production on “Rambo IV” (final title to be determined) is finally expected to commence on Oct.1 in Thailand.”
  • “… finding Rambo a fresh foe was actually a serious problem…”
  • Sly jokes, “Politics have changed so much. Who do we fight? The Finns? You can’t do that. The Dutch?  Wooden shoes are not going to look cool.”
  • So how did Sly arrive at a solution? “I called Soldier of Fortune magazine and said, ‘What is the most
    critical man-doing-inhumanity-to-man situation right now in the world? Where is it?'” The answer was Burma.
  • The “first draft” script was written by Sly “with Art Monterastelli (“The Hunted”)” and “finds Rambo living a monastic lifestyle in Bangkok
  • “When a group of volunteers bringing supplies into Burma disappears, a relative of one of the missing missionaries begs Rambo to find them. He heads off with a team of young guns…

“For full details, pick up the magazine! – Craig