SZoners Send in News

Mo writes: Long time visitor blah blah blah…thought you might like to know that DVD Review (Issue 67- July 2004) mentions a bit about Sly readying Rocky 6 and Rambo 4 for 2005. Apparently he wants John McTiernan and F Gary Gary to direct them.

[We can only hope! – Craig]

Rob Hoskins from Lexington, Kentucky e-mails: I attended last nights Tyson vs. Williams fight in Louisville. Mr. T was also in attendance and I spoke with him briefly about “Rocky VI”. He confirmed that as far as he knew the film would be made and that he quite possibly may have a role in it. He said that he most likely will not be fighting in the film, but that he had been contacted about an appearance. I was honored to have spoken face to face with my favorite Rocky opponent, Clubber Lang!

[That is not only great news, but so cool that you got to meet Mr. T. – Craig]

Thanks to both SZoners for passing along the news! – Craig Zablo