The April 2001 issue of Total Movie, features Going the Distance: ROCKY at 25. The eight page article by Edward Gross (author of Rocky and the Films of Sylvester Stallone) provides an extensive look at Rocky (and its sequels) with over 25 photos (including the one to the left). The article provides quotes from Sly, Talia Shire, John Alvidsen, Robert Chartoff, Carl Weathers, and others involved with the films.
The magazine comes with a DVD which provides a trailer for Rocky and a snippet of the interview with Sly that will appear on the Rocky special edition dvd. All in all, easily worth the cost of the mag!
(Now I’m REALLY psyched for the ROCKY Boxed Collector’s Set! Click |HERE| to check it out!)
Craig Zablo (March 17, 2001)