The Expendables Go to Hell by Sly Stallone & Chuck Dixon with Art by Graham Nolan & Others!

The Expendables Go To Hell is a full color graphic novel with a story by Sly Stallone & Chuck Dixon and art by Graham Nolan, Kelsey Shannon, Jason Johnson, Butch Guice and Daniel Brown.  The idea is that The Expendables are killed in combat and awaken in hell. There they find fallen comrades, famous and infamous folks from history and more than a few surprises.

Graham Nolan will handle the art chores on the 50 page main story with three side stories adding to the graphic novel’s page count.  Here’s how they break down:

  • THE BRIDGE- Barney Ross is stunned to find the soul of his still-living friend Tool, trapped in Hell! Art by Jason Johnson (TEAM 7).

  • CHRISTMAS IN HELL- Lee Christmas is lured away from the team just when they need him most! Art by Kelsey Shannon (NORAH’S SAGA)

  • BARBARIAN’S HOLIDAY- Gunner Jensen makes the most of a bad situation! Art by Butch Guice (DOCTOR STRANGE).

The Main Cover will feature art by Kelsey Shannon. In addition, there will be Variant Covers by…

  • Billy Tucci (SHI)


  • Jason Johnson (TEAM 7)

  • Renzo Rodriguez (DESOLATION WAVE)

  • And possibly MORE!

The Expendables Go To Hell is being crowd-funded on Indiegogo.  As the campaign grows, STRETCH GOALS will be unlocked which will add more value to each perk with no additional cost! Pin-ups, bookmarks, decals and more and projected.

Since the initial goal was $10,000 and The Expendables Go To Hell is now over $36,000.00 we should start seeing quite a few stretch goals soon.  This is going to be a fun project.  I’m on board (for the Kelsey Shannon cover!) and look forward to watching the project grow.  Click over and join in!