Chris Heathcoat is a longtime Sly Stallone fan and STALLONEZONE “regular.”  Chris was lucky enough to attend the Driven premiere and generous enough to share his pics with us. (Chris did the same for the Get Carter premiere.

Unfortunately, there was a delay in getting the photos to us… still Chris did capture a REALLY great shot of SLY and and this to say:
Not requesting that it is a must, but if there is anything printed about my feeling about the clearest shot of Sly, as I look at it in my 22 years of experience with him it is this…

…From Fans to Critics, many people look at this man and think of his movies repeating a few quotes from his characters that fascinate them. I however see a man who kept me away form temporary highs and gave me one thrill film a year from 1979 (Rocky II) to 2001 (Driven) and when I see this picture I see a man who proves dreams do come true. Thank you Sylvester Stallone!” – Christopher E. Heathcoat


And thank you, Chris!  – Craig Zablo (May 13, 2001)