Rocky Game Review

In the November 15, 2002 Video Games column of Entertainment Weekly the following review appears:

ROCKY *  (All; Ubi Soft; Teen) Yo, Adrian! This boxing extravaganza includes characters from all five Rocky films, and let’s you (playing as the Italian Stallion) go toe-to-toe with Apollo CreedClubber Lang, and Cold War pugilist Ivan Drago. Between fights, crusty old Mickey trains you on the speed bag while the Rocky orchestra’s “Gonna Fly Now” swells in the background (“Eye of the Tiger” is sorely missing from the soundtrack.) The cut scenes faithfully reenact key plot points from the movies, and the in-fight taunts are delivered verbatim from the films. But we have to deduct points for the game’s flaccid fighting engine, which looks awfully similar t Ready 2 Rumble Boxing and becomes repetitive after about three bouts. Rocky throws a lot of punches but, unfortunately, rarely connects. B-/ -NR- 

Craig Zablo
[November 10, 2002]