Sly Mini-Interview in Playboy!

The December 2006 issue of Playboy features a one page interview with Sly. Here are a couple of highlights:

Playboy: In your career, any lessons learned?

Stallone: Every performer has tremendous strengths and weaknesses, and if you feel the ride will be endless, you’re doomed.

Playboy: Are you really making a movie about Edgar Allan Poe?

Stallone: Yes. Poe is something I wrote in 1970, and it has gone through 15 face-lifts. Each of the 200 books on Poe I’ve read interprets him differently. So I’m putting my spin on him. To me, Poe represents the misunderstood artist in all of us.

One final quote from Sly: “If you want to do something that perhaps doesn’t conform to your age, you’re ridiculed. I knew when I said that I wanted to do this movie [“Rocky Balboa”] I would be fodder for a lot of jokes. But I think if you’re willing to take the humiliation and embarrassment, then you’re entitled to the opportunity.”

That’s just a taste of the interview! – Craig