Want to be in “ROCKY BALBOA”?

Garrison Taylor of BIG CROWD PRODUCTIONS got in touch with me because they are currently inviting individuals from across the country (and even the world) to attend one of three days of filming for Rocky Balboa in Las Vegas the first week of December 2005. The opportunity is to be a background audience spectator in the CLIMACTIC FIGHT SCENE that concludes this historic new film! Both individuals and large fundraising groups may sign up for this on their website at BeInAMovie.com.

How cool is that? SZonerChris Murphy is going. Maybe other SZoners will as well. It’s a great opportunity
and I truly hope that a bunch of you can make the trip.

Click HERE to find out more details. And please remember that I and other SZoners would love to see
pictures and read your reports if you do get to go!

– Craig