Sly Stallone’s Most Underrated Movies!

Saeed Saeed, at The National News, posted his choices for Sly Stallone’s Most Underrated Movies.  You know how I enjoy lists, so using just Saeed’s choices, here are how I’d rank them.  



1. Nighthawks (1981)

1. Nighthawks (1981): Ahead of it’s time and solid through and through.

2. Cobra (1986)

2. Cop Land (1997): One of Sly’s finest performances and he’s in with heavy hitters. Sly more than holds his own.

3. Over the Top (1987)

3. Over the Top (1987): Granted it’s a sentimental story that stretches credibility, but it is not as bad as many would believe. That’s the definition of underrated.

4. Demolition Man (1993)

4. Demolition Man (1993): The opening had so much potential but ventures too far into silliness for me. Plus fans love Demolition Man.

5. Cop Land (1997)

5. Cobra (1986): Had soooo much potential. Cool character, cool idea for a movie but needed to be fleshed out more. Still fans dig it.

Saeed’s list is a good one. If I had created the list I would have put Sly’s Get Carter in the first spot. Not only does it contain scenes with some of Sly’s finest acting, but the cast is solid, the story is strong and the director shows great flourishes. Get Carter is not a perfect film (few are), but in my opinion it is Sly’s most underrated.