Sylvester Stallone’s Best Films Ranked

Jack Hawkins at /Film came up with a list of the 14 Best Sylvester Stallone Films, Ranked.  Before you click over, here’s how I’d rank Hawkins’ picks.  Also, some Sly Stallone movies that didn’t make Hawkins’ top picks, but would have made mine include: Get Carter; Paradise Alley; FIST and Rocky III.

14. Over the Top14. Over the Top
13. Tango & Cash13. Escape Plan
12. Escape Plan12. Tango & Cash
11. Creed11. Demolition Man
10. Cliffhanger10. Creed
09. Expendables 209. Expendables 2
08. Rocky IV08. Cliffhanger
07. Rocky Balboa07. Rocky IV
06. Rambo06. Rocky Balboa
05. Demolition Man05. First Blood
04. Nighthawks04. Nighthawks
03. Cop Land03. Cop Land
02. Rocky02. Rambo
01. First Blood01. Rocky