Miguel Insignares’ Rambo

The last time we heard from Miguel Insignares was back in May when we posted a sketch that he’d done for my Stallone art theme. At that time, I said that Miguel was working on a pretty cool concept for a comic/movie. We’ll get to that in a second, but first… Miguel created the cool Rambo art that sits a top of this post. Miguel says:

Hope all is well. I wanted to send you a brand-new Rambo drawing I did that has never been seen before on the net! I also wanted to give you an update about my upcoming comic book along with a list of the talent involved. If your readers dig the art style I used on the Rambo piece, they’re gonna get plenty of it in my new comic! In addition, I have other brand new RAMBO & ROCKY illustrations that I would love to debut on your site every couple of weeks leading up to the release of my comic on January 29 2010!! The Press Release can be found at the official website: www.islandofthedead.com

Thanks again for your support and keep up the great work.

Miguel — we’d love to see more of your Stallone art here at the SZ.  I also look forward to your The Rufnex: Island of the Dead comic.  You’ve hit on to a great concept and it should be a winner for everyone involved — especially the fans!