“Rambo: The Savage Hunt”

On November 4, 2009, Clint Morris did a report on the American Film Market for Moviehole.com.  At this event companies try to get distribution deals for their films.  One of the films marketed was “Rambo V: The Savage Hunt”.  Here’s what was said:

Rambo 5Nu Image/Millennium Films will be selling shares in the latest bullet-in-the-abdomen commercial. The flyer says the Sylvester Stallone is now in pre-production, which means it’ll be the big guy’s next film. I’m assuming Lionsgate have the U.S rights in the bag – since they released “Rambo” – but I’m not certain. Either way, if you represent a Croatian distributor, and know there’s an audience out there who’d kill to see another protein shake advert headlined by a 65-year-old mass of mutton, then pull up a seat…. Avi Lerner has a number he wants to show you.

One suggestion, I would change the title to simply “Rambo: The Savage Hunt”.


On November 6, 2009, Movieline.com posted an article by Mark Lisanti about the American Film Market and “Ten Modestly Budgeted Mindblowing Films to Watch”“Rambo V: The Savage Hunt” was listed first under the subheading :“The Big One”.  Here’s what was said:

2008’s surprisingly excellent Rambo (and by “surprisingly excellent,” we mean “so incredibly ultramegaviolent that the entire theater whooped with delight each time an evil Burmese soldier was sheared in half by machine-gun fire”) left many unanswered questions: How will our mom-jeans-wearing hero readjust to life in an ass-hugging, boot-cut world? Can Stallone improve upon his frenetic 2.59 kills-per-minutes pace? Will a back-to-basics Rambo abandon high-powered weaponry in favor of eviscerating each foe with his bare hands, jamming his meaty, battle-hardened paws into the soft bellies of his enemies and withdrawing steaming handfuls of wriggling, soupy guts? We may finally get those answers, and sooner rather than later. (More on the actual plot here, for those who aren’t content to let their imaginations run wild.)