Sly Stallone Strikes Over Stolen ‘Cobra’ Car

On December 1, 2009, TMZ broke the news that Sly is suing to get back the famous 1950 Mercury used in the filming of “Cobra”Sly first reported the car as stolen in 1994 and recently came across it in an internet ad offering it for sale.  When the current “owner” refused to return it, Sly went after it through legal means.

According to TMZ, “a suit filed in in L.A. County Superior Court begins with a quote from the movie — “Crime is a disease. Meet the cure.'” You gotta love that.  Sly is suing for an immediate return of the car as well as three million dollars in damages since his name and image were used without the proper permission to promote the auction.

You can read the full piece at TMZ, as well as see more photos of the Cobra car by clicking here.