SZ Exclusive: Sly in Brazil

I received the e-mail below and these photos earlier this week from SZoner, Toni C.

  • Hello Craig!My name is Toni Coutinho (SZoner tonibalboa) from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Congratulations for excellent work in StalloneZone!

    I’d like to share with all fans of Sly some pictures I took with the cast of The Expendables during filming. Ok, I know this happened in 2009, but I’m sure everyone will enjoy… I met Sylvester Stallone! Unbelievable!!

    I am a member of a group of fans called Sly Squad and I am a friend of Osmar Daou, a brazilian SZoner.  I have more new photos of Sly.

    Thanks for your attention!

    Toni Coutinho

Thanks to Toni for sharing these cool photos.  We look forward to seeing more in the future! – Craig