Sly’s Hard Times?

On June 13, 2011, Mike Sragow of The Baltimore Sun wrote a piece titled, “A New Sylvester Stallone Film I’m Actually Looking Forward To.”    The movie turns out to be “Bullet to the Head” and here are some of Mr. Sragow’s reasons for anticipating the film…

  • What perked me up was not the plot, but the news that Walter Hill (“48 HRS.,” “The Warriors”) will be directing.
  • No director has displayed keener instincts when it comes to showcasing American men of action — even self-styled icons like Stallone, who don’t usually work with strong directors.
  • Stallone is in his mid-60s. Charles Bronson was in his mid-50s in 1975. That’s when Hill guided him through “Hard Times” and came up with a haunting period adventure that boasts Bronson’s most pungent star turn.