EW: Sly’s Worst Movie

The December 2, 2011 issue of Entertainment Weekly has a cover story called, “Stars’ Worst Movies.” Sly makes the list with “Eye See You” and here’s what they say…

* Sylvester Stallone *
Eye See You (2002)

Costarring: Tom Berenger and Charles Dutton
Tagline: “Survival is a killer.”

Originally titled D-Tox back when it still had hopes of a wide release, this sluggish stockpile of stale serial-killer cliches spent three years in limbo before eking out a blink-and-you’ll-miss it theatrical run.  Sly plays an FBI agent haunted by the murder of his girlfriend with a power-drill and is sent to a remote clinic for post-traumatic stress disorder.  As a blizzard rolls in, one patient starts offing his fellow inmates, and it’s up to you-know-who to save the day.  The punny title refers to the killer’s calling card – in one case he writes the letters “ICU”inside his victim’s eyelids.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Never one to let a double entendre go to waste, Stallone impales the killer on a spike while uttering, “I see you.  You see… this?”


I’d have thought they would have selected “Stop or My Mom Will Shoot” or “Rhinestone.” I guess those would have been too easy. – Craig