“Driven” Trivia Contest



Know your STALLONE TRIVIA? Want to win a “Driven” one-sheet poster?

Then here’s what you need to do:

  • Answer the ten STALLONE TRIVIA QUESTIONS listed below.
  • E-mail your name, answers, and home address to czablo@mindspring.com
  • Everyone who answers all questions correctly will be entered into the prize drawing!
  • 10 lucky SZoners win a “Driven” one-sheet poster courtesy of Warner Bros. and StalloneZone!

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Ok, here’s the rules:

  • The posters can only be mailed to addresses in the US and Canada (due to mailing restrictions).
  • Only 1 entry per e-mail address.
  • The contest ends at 5 pm E.S.T. on Saturday, March 31st.
  • The contest is NOT open to any staff members of SZ.com [Sorry John, Jazz, and rOb!]
  • Names of Winners [but not addresses] will be posted on this site with our Weekend Update.


1. SYLVESTER STALLONE plays Champ racer Joe Tanto in Driven. What is the name of the movie that starred SLY as a racer named Joe Viterbo?

2. RENNY HARLIN is directing SLY in Driven. What is the name of the movie that first paired SLY and RENNY?

3. SLY wrote the screenplay for Driven. What was SLY‘s original title for the film?

4. SLY is an accomplished actor, director, and screenwriter. What movie did SLY write that went on to win the Academy Award for Best Picture?

5. SLY seems to like 5 letter names for his characters. Name three of his characters that have five letters in their last name and the name ends with an “o.”

6. Most people think that Rocky was SLY‘s first feature film screenplay that sold. It was his second! What was the name of his first?

7. The “tag line” for Driven is “Welcome to the Human Race.” What was the tag line for SLY‘s last film, Get Carter?

8. SLY teams with an international cast in Driven. What actor made his US debut with SLY in Nighthawks?

9. Actors and actresses who work with SLY quite often get noticed and move on to stardom [ANNE ARCHER, ARMAND ASSANTE, TOM SIZEMORE, BENJAMIN BRATT, etc.). Who was the actress who got her big break working with SLY in Demolition Man?

10. What is YOUR favorite SYLVESTER STALLONE movie, and why?

Good Luck!

Craig Zablo [March 27, 2001]