James Byron Huggins and HUNTER are Back!

James Byron Huggins is back!

Long-time readers probably remember Huggins best as the author of Hunter.  Huggins wrote Hunter specifically with Sylvester Stallone (who bought the movie rights) in mind as the book’s hero.  Hunter is one of my all-time favorite novels and would make an exciting movie!  Stallone fans continue to hope that Sly will helm a movie version of Hunter even if he doesn’t star in it (and he should!).

When Stallone fans write me about movies that they’d like to see Sly do, Hunter is always on the list.  With Huggins and WildBlue Press re-issuing Hunter, perhaps now is the time for Sly to also revisit the idea of starring and/or directing a Hunter film!

Huggins wasn’t a one-hit wonder.  He also wrote The Reckoning, Cain, Leviathon, Rora, and other novels.  (And I recommend each of them!)  Huggins’ novels are a combination of thriller, action-adventure and horror.  His skill at seamlessly combining the genres made Huggins an international best-selling novelist.  When two of his books were optioned for over a million dollars a piece, Huggins turned his attention to work on films.

But now James Byron Huggins is back!

International and New York Times bestselling thriller author James Byron Huggins is back with a vengeance. The former police detective-turned successful author has signed with Denver based WildBlue Press to release two new novels and four backlisted titles. The backlisted books will begin release in April, starting with the thriller The Reckoning.  More backlisted titles will release in 2018, including The Hunter, a sci-fi/thriller with film rights owned by Sylvester Stallone. Dark Visions, a brand-new thriller from Huggins will release in July 2018. In the novel, Joe Mac, a legendary homicide detective forced into retirement when he lost his eyesight in the line of duty, is compelled to find whomever or whatever killed his grandson. Even if it costs him his life.

“I am both honored and privileged to put out the books I’ve been working on for so long,” Huggins said.  “I wouldn’t go with any other company. WildBlue will always be my company. They are solid. The best there is.”

Dark Visions will release July 31, 2018.

I am excited to revisit Hunter and The Reckoning.  It will be great to have the new Huggins’ novel, Dark Visions in July.  Now if Sly will add Hunter to his “Films to Do” List…