Rocky Game Review

In the November 15, 2002 Video Games column of Entertainment Weekly the following review appears:

ROCKY *  (All; Ubi Soft; Teen) Yo, Adrian! This boxing extravaganza includes characters from all five Rocky films, and let’s you (playing as the Italian Stallion) go toe-to-toe with Apollo CreedClubber Lang, and Cold War pugilist Ivan Drago. Between fights, crusty old Mickey trains you on the speed bag while the Rocky orchestra’s “Gonna Fly Now” swells in the background (“Eye of the Tiger” is sorely missing from the soundtrack.) The cut scenes faithfully reenact key plot points from the movies, and the in-fight taunts are delivered verbatim from the films. But we have to deduct points for the game’s flaccid fighting engine, which looks awfully similar t Ready 2 Rumble Boxing and becomes repetitive after about three bouts. Rocky throws a lot of punches but, unfortunately, rarely connects. B-/ -NR- 

Craig Zablo
[November 10, 2002]

“Rocky” Films Hosted by Frank Stallone

Frank Stallone will be the host of ESPN Classic’s ‘Reel Classics‘ showing of the Rocky series every Sunday night at 9pm EST/6PM Pacific – throughout the whole month of June!! Check your local listings and tune in to watch Frank share all the inside stories on these great classics, and see his vast collection of boxing memorabilia!

Rocky Sunday June 2, 2002
Rocky II Sunday June 9, 2002
Rocky III Sunday June 16, 2002
Rocky IV Sunday June 23, 2002
Rocky V Sunday June 30, 2002

It’d be worth it to tune in and see Frank’s extensive boxing memorabilia! – Craig Zablo [May 31, 2002]

“Rocky IV” Leads the Time Capsule

The January 4, 2002 issue of Entertainment Weekly contains an item about Sly in the Time Capsule column. They look at December 31, 1985 and say: Sylvester Stallone scores a knockout as Rocky IV is the top film in its fifth week, ultimately grossing a heavyweight $86.5 million.

– Craig Zablo (01/01/02)
Photo courtesy of the StalloneZone

“Rocky” Special Edition Set

The long awaited DVD Rocky Special Edition Box Set goes on sale today! The five disc set will list for $89.96 but is available |HERE| at discounted price.
* 5-disc set that includes all of the Rocky films
* All of the films will contain new sound mixes
* All of the films will contain anamorphic transfers
* ROCKY will be a SPECIAL EDITION with:
– deleted scenes
– a documentary
– commentary track with SLY,
director JOHN ALVIDSEN, and cast members
– an extensive still gallery
– a new 5.1 Dolby Digital Soundtrack
– and MORE!

Craig Zablo [January 22, 2001]

Rocky Gift Set Reviewed

The April 20, 2001 issue of Entertainment Weekly gives the “Rocky” Giftset the lead review in the New To DVD section. Marc Bernardin gives the set an overall “B” rating. SZoners will be glad to hear that Mr. Bernardin says of all of the extras that come in the set, “the most interesting bit is a 28-minute interview with STALLONE, who gives something of a “Rocky” oral history from genesis to release. By turns touching, insightful, and self-indulgent, it’s a fascinating look at a star glancing back through time at the role that, for better or worse, defined him.”

Craig Zablo

SZ and Warner Bros. “Driven” Contest Winners





1. SYLVESTER STALLONE plays Champ racer Joe Tanto in Driven. What is the name of the movie that starred SLY as a racer named Joe Viterbo?  DEATH RACE 2000

2. RENNY HARLIN is directing SLY in Driven. What is the name of the movie that first paired SLY and RENNY?  CLIFFHANGER

3. SLY wrote the screenplay for Driven. What was SLY‘s original title for the film?  CHAMPS

4. SLY is an accomplished actor, director, and screenwriter. What movie did SLY write that went on to win the Academy Award for Best Picture?  ROCKY

5. SLY seems to like 5 letter names for his characters. Name three of his characters that have five letters in their last name and the name ends with an “o.”  RAMBO, TANGO and TANTO

6. Most people think that Rocky was SLY‘s first feature film screenplay that sold. It was his second! What was the name of his first?  PARADISE ALLEY

7. The “tag line” for Driven is “Welcome to the Human Race.” What was the tag line for SLY‘s last film, Get Carter“THE TRUTH HURTS”

8. SLY teams with an international cast in Driven. What actor made his US debut with SLY in Nighthawks?  RUTER HAUER

9. Actors and actresses who work with SLY quite often get noticed and move on to stardom [ANNE ARCHER, ARMAND ASSANTE, TOM SIZEMORE, BENJAMIN BRATT, etc.). Who was the actress who got her big break working with SLY in Demolition Man?  SANDRA BULLOCK

10. What is YOUR favorite SYLVESTER STALLONE movie, and why?  This one had no right/wrong answer and here are the movies that made the list (in alphabetical order): Cliffhanger, Cop Land, Daylight, First Blood, Lock Up, Lords of Flatbush, Over the Top, Rambo II, Rambo III, Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky IV, Rocky V, Tango & Cash.


The Winners!

1. Melissa Knollman 2. Marks Mail 3. Nicholas King 4. Kyle Riley 5. Tony Camm 6. Alan Sears 7. Jillian Decker 8. Troy Barwick 9. Crystal Coger 10. Mike Russo

I would like to thank Ms. Lifrieri and Warner Bros. for their assistance in making this contest possible. Winners can expect their posters in the next few weeks!

– Craig Zablo (April 1, 2001)