Sly’s Denmark Interview

Steen [from Denmark] sent us the scan to the left and the translation of the interview which follows:

Ekstra Bladet, Denmark, May 30, 2003


– I’ll never forget my first visit to Copenhagen in the mid eighties. I was on honeymoon with Brigitte and had been looking forward to experiencing her city. But my plane was vandalised by people who painted the words “Ho Chi Minh” and “Fascist” on it. And I received deaththreats.

– All this apparently because of my Rambo films. And at Harvard University, where I was going to receive an award, people poured animal blood on me.

– After a while it became too much. And I started to really hate the Rambo character. People apparently thought I was him, says Sylvester Enzio Stallone, 56, who was married for two years to Brigitte Nielsen.

– The so-called serious filmmakers has never really taken him seriously. And he’s often been laughed at. But Stallone himself has been doing most of the laughing…All the way to the bank. He’s so rich, it’s almost disgusting. Rambo really put him on the map and since then he’s been asking all the way up to $20 million to do roles that didn’t require him to speak much, but only to be a oneman army, who deals with bad guys his own way.


Today Sly has a very different view of the Rambo films: – I don’t regret a thing. The films were huge hits. And back then they meant a great deal to the real Vietnam vets. I’m sure of that. Even if the films were only adventure films, I think they took away some of the pain, that those vets felt. Like an escape from reality. But for me, the Rambo films are a thing of the past.

– What do you think about guns?

– “I can’t say I like guns, but I do have guns at my house. You have got to be able to protect your home. Most Americans own guns. But I don’t want to be remembered as this war guerilla. I can offer so much more. Look at “Copland.” I’m not just into violent movies. And I was only payed $60,000.”

– Have you had any serious personal experiences?

– “Yes, my daughter was born with a weak heart but she had an operation and is fine today. An experience like that changes you. Every thought imaginable goes through your head. Anything from religion, moral and succes etc. Suddenly you realise how out of control you really are. You can’t do a thing in those situations. No matter how much money you have.”

– Are you a religious man?

– “I’d like to keep that to myself.”

– You say you don’t regret a thing, but are there films you are particularly proud of?

– “Yes, a film called ‘F.I.S.T.’ and also ‘Copland.’ In both cases I insisted on playing the leading roles. I’m good at sticking to my own core, no mater what people say.

– What about a film like “Cobra”?

– “Well, that was a long time ago. It’s an ok action film, but probably not the kind of thing I’d be doing today. But there has to be room for harmless entertainment.”

About his own looks he says: – I’m not good looking in the traditional sense. I have dogs eyes, my mouth is curved, my teeth aren’t out of a toothpaste commercial and my voice sounds like a cheap mafia guy. But somehow it all adds up, so I guess I’m doing ok.

– You are doing ok, Sly. To us B-movie fans, you are a god.

Thanks again to Steen for sharing! – Craig Zablo