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Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week

Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week:

Paul Wintner: Stallone Super Fan – Rocky Props, Inspiration and a Quarantine Gym

Paul Wintner has been a regular at the StalloneZone for over a decade.  In 2007, Paul began sharing photos of his extensive Sylvester Stallone screen used prop collection at the SZ.  As CEO of Wintner Artists, Paul was on top of the world with a beautiful family, a company that he built in a business that he loved and the ability to support a hobby that inspired him.  All was great.

Then in 2018, Paul was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor.  What’s that Rocky says?

“Life is not about how hard you hit. It is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” – Rocky Balboa

Paul took Rocky’s saying to heart. He continued to move forward.  He changed his diet, took radiation sessions, continued to workout and stay positive.  Paul drew inspiration from his family, his work family, friends as well as his admiration for Sly Stallone. Check out How the Rocky Philosophy is Keeping Paul Wintner Positive With a Brain Tumor.

Recently I saw that Paul had created a home gym. I wondered how he was doing and if the new gym was a result of the Covid pandemic.  I knew that SZone regulars would be interested too so here we go…

Craig: Hey Paul!  How have you been?
Paul:  I recently got an MRI to see if my tumor had grown.  It had been a year since we last checked. The tumor was stationary then.  Unfortunately, the tumor has grown 9mm, so it hasn’t been stable.  My new Rocky gym has made it a safe place for me to work out since I’m such a high risk.  The gym has inspired me to push harder and take my mind off things.
Craig: I am so sorry to hear about the tumor growing.  You have such a positive attitude.

Paul: Well, I do have the Eye of the Tiger… on my hand.
Craig: Yes, you do!  A cool tat to remind you to stay focused and positive!

Paul: I have been ok all things considered. I’m trying to fight this tumor with positivity, but sometimes it just gets hard. There’s a constant grey cloud over me. But all things considered, I’m good. Thanks for asking.

Craig:  How has the Covid pandemic affected your life?
Paul:  Covid has changed lots of things. As you know I have had less work since the studios shut down. We are still voicing stuff straight to home entertainment, but the budgets are much smaller. I have been home mostly with my family and pets, plus working on projects I’ve always wanted too do. Like the rest of us – the pandemic has caged me up. LOL.

Craig:  What changes have you had to make?
Paul:  My biggest change is having to sell few my prized collectibles including my Rocky set from the training scene in the first film.  That was hard to do.   I have to make sure to keep a distance from crowds, especially with this tumor.  So I’ve had to start working out at home. I’ve built an entire outdoor gym and stocked it with Rocky props and posters with my favorite inspirational quotes to motivate me.

Craig:  Did you design and build the gym yourself?
Paul:  Yes, I built it on my own.  I had to figure out the space for the equipment and weights that have worked best for me. They are the ones that I can do the most with to mix it up. I actually sold my Rocky set to help fund the gym. Lately, since we’re outside,  I’ve been getting killed by bugs, so I’ll need to close it up and weatherproof it better.

Craig: What props have you received since our last visit?
Paul:  The newest Stallone prop I have is probably my Creed medicine ball and of all things a little monkey toy from the movie Detox!  LOL. I know I’m nuts.
Craig: Both items are cool.  I loved that you referred to Eye See You as Detox! It’s my preferred title and for the record, Detox doesn’t get enough love.

Craig: Anything else you’d like to add?
Paul: I rescued a dog. We named her Punchy and she’s amazing!  I’m also proud of my Eye of the Tiger tattoo.  Oh, and let me share the medicine I’m on.

Craig: Ha!  You had me for a second.  I was wondering why you’d share your meds.

ROCKYFEN – For the eye of the tiger, burning hearts and hearts on fire.  Helps motivate when you feel there is no easy way out.
Take one pill daily with watching with watching films Rocky films 1 – 6.  UNLIMITED REFILLS.

Craig:  You’ve been collecting Stallone movie props for years and have created one of the best collections anywhere.  Do you see yourself continuing to collect movie props?
Paul:  I think it’s time to throw in the towel and let other fans get to own and enjoy them. For most of my life I’ve collected Sly props to have a personal connection to my hero. Now it’s time to move forward and let other Rocky collectors own them. I need to watch my finances and become the hero for my kids.

Craig:  Will you keep any props from your collection?
Paul:  Always gonna keep a set of gloves and fedora from the first film.  Maybe I’ll even be buried in them. LOL. Who knows who I may see in the afterlife that needs a good whooping.  ; )

Craig: Paul, thank you for always sharing your props with us on the StalloneZone.  I also want you to know that you are an inspiration to people going through hard times — you’ve faced more than your share and you do it with grace and positivity.

Paul: Thank you.  Stallone fans are the best and I am blessed with a supportive family and friends. 


Due to the Covid pandemic and cost to build his outdoor quarantine gym, Paul has decided to sell a few of his treasured Stallone film props. If you’re interested in any of the props below, e-mail

To be clear, I am posting these items as a service to Stallone fans and Paul Wintner.  Any deals made are strictly between Paul and the person making the deal.  I will not make money from the sale of any items.
Please direct any questions to Paul at the e-mail above. – Craig

Adonis’ Engagement Ring from Creed II – $2,500.00

Rocky Balboa’s Glasses – $2,000.00

Rocky’s Set of Production Key Chains from Creed – $1,800.00

Sign for Adrian’s Restaurant from Creed – $2,500.00

Boxing Trunks from Creed – $4,500.00

Expendables Outfit – Email for Price

Rocky Balboa Statue – Email for Price

Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week

Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week:

Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week

Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week:

MetaCritics Rankings of Every “Rocky” Movie

Mark Birrell at ScreenRant looked at Metacritic ratings for all eight Rocky movies.  I thought it would be interesting to compare Metacritics’ rankings with mine.  Your mileage may differ.



8. Rocky IV (40)

8. Rocky V (55)

7. Rocky V (55)

7. Rocky IV (40)

6. Rocky III (57)

6. Rocky II (61)

5. Rocky II (61)

5. Creed II (66)

4. Rocky Balboa (63)

4. Rocky III (57)

3. Creed II (66)

3. Rocky Balboa (63)

2. Rocky (70)

2. Creed (82)

1. Creed (82)

1. Rocky (70)

Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week

Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week:

Sly Stallone’s All-Time 10 Best Movies!

Colin McCormick at ScreenRant decided to do a little research and came up with the 10 Best Sylvester Stallone Films, According To IMDb.  Well, you know me and lists.  Below I’ve compared the IMDb rankings to mine followed by my thoughts…

Sylvester Stallone’s Best Films

IMD Rating


10. Rocky IV (1985:) 6.9

10. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 (2017)

9. Cop Land (1997): 6.9

9. Rocky IV (1985)

8. Rambo (2008): 7.0

8. Creed II (2018)

7. Rocky Balboa (2006): 7.1

7. Rocky II (1979)

6. Creed II (2018): 7.1

6. Creed (2015)

5. Rocky II (1979) 7.3

5. First Blood (1982)

4. Creed (2015): 7.6

4. Rocky Balboa (2006)

3. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 (2017): 7.6

3. Rambo (2008)

2. First Blood (1982): 7.7

2. Cop Land (1997)

1. Rocky (1976): 8.1

1. Rocky (1976)

The IMDb list is a good one.  For my rankings, I put a little more emphasis on the films that starred Sly than for one’s where he co-starred or had a cameo (GotG2).  Creed rated higher than Rocky 2 because of Sly’s performance.  He should have received the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

Had I made the Top Ten List I would have tried to find a way to include Nighthawks and Get CarterParadise Alley and FIST… but there are just too many Stallone favorites to list just ten.  Still, it was a fun exercise.  Your mileage may differ, but give it a shot!

Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week

Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week:

Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week

Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week:

Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week

Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week: