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Sly on EW’s Hit List

Sly made Entertainment Weekly‘s June 17, 2005 Hit List by Dalton Ross.

“I have the headband, machine gun, and bow and arrow ready to go,” said Sly. “Now watch me
go bludgeon some NBC execs for canceling The Contender. Oh yeah, and lots of commies, too.”

And that was supposed to be funny? – Craig


Rambo Returning!

When Sly was interviewed by Larry King a couple of weeks ago, Sly announced
that he’d signed a deal for Rambo IV.

Sly even gave away a bit of the plot when he said that it would take place in the United States, that Rambo would have a wife and child that he would have to rescue, and the
movie would be more in the vein of “First Blood” and “Deliverance.”

The fact that Rambo is returning is now everywhere. Entertainment Weekly
posted THIS report. TV Guide posted an item HERE. You can also read Rambo IV
news HERE, HERE and even HERE.


Sly Gets Maxim Exposure!

Ernest Jazzman Resendes sent in the following scan and quotes from the November 2004 issue of Maxim:

Has working on (The Contender) gotten you fired up to make Rocky 6? 
Stallone: I’m always fired up to make another Rocky. It dawned on me a long time ago that I have this character who’s almost autobiographical, so his story can keep going. The character can go places where the actor is in his life. The movies almost become documentaries.

So where is Rocky now?
Stallone: Society says to people, “Step aside; age gracefully.” I’ve never thought there was anything graceful about aging. So I used what George Foreman did with his comeback fight a few years ago as a model. Everyone thought he was a joke, but he followed his own drum.

Since you’re still in fighting shape, will Rambo be back, too?
Stallone: There has been movement in that area, yes. Of course, it won’t be what you think – not the same Rambo with the headband. In keeping with some sort of believability, he would be passing the torch to a younger generation of high-tech combatants. We’re working on an interesting premise where Rambo is brought back from living on a ranch somewhere, and because of his skills in jungle warfare and survival, he’s asked to lead a young group in a search-and-rescue mission. They can’t believe this decrepit guy is a war hero, but when their technology fails, they see where Rambo excels.

Thanks to Jazz for the scan and quotes! Thanks also to Peter Panagiotou for the heads-up!- Craig

Robert Rodriguez to Helm “Rambo 4”?

On Monday, October 11, 2004, posted that talks are underway for Robert Rodriguez reteam with his “Spy Kids 3D : Game-Over” co-star Sylvester Stallone on a proposed fourth “Rambo” film.

Rodriguez is apparently interested in directing and perhaps even writing “Rambo 4.” According to the source Sly also serve as producer and wants the film to be less of “Rambo 3” and more “First Blood” this time around.

Thanks to Jamie Eade for the tip! – Craig Zablo

SZoners Send in News

Mo writes: Long time visitor blah blah blah…thought you might like to know that DVD Review (Issue 67- July 2004) mentions a bit about Sly readying Rocky 6 and Rambo 4 for 2005. Apparently he wants John McTiernan and F Gary Gary to direct them.

[We can only hope! – Craig]

Rob Hoskins from Lexington, Kentucky e-mails: I attended last nights Tyson vs. Williams fight in Louisville. Mr. T was also in attendance and I spoke with him briefly about “Rocky VI”. He confirmed that as far as he knew the film would be made and that he quite possibly may have a role in it. He said that he most likely will not be fighting in the film, but that he had been contacted about an appearance. I was honored to have spoken face to face with my favorite Rocky opponent, Clubber Lang!

[That is not only great news, but so cool that you got to meet Mr. T. – Craig]

Thanks to both SZoners for passing along the news! – Craig Zablo

Will There be Another “Rambo” ?

On Wednesday, July 16, 2003, Garth at Dark Horizons posted the following:

Rambo IV: “There is alot of talk about Rambo IV. If the story is right, then yeah I would do it, but firing a M-60 and wearing a red bandana around my head is not the Rambo I want to play in 2003. It would have to be like First Blood” said Stallone this week whilst promoting “Spy Kids 3D”.

– Craig Zablo

Sly Promotes “Avenging Angelo” & Teases “Rambo 4”

Bob Milam and HandsomGQ1 sent in the following:

While teasing his new movie, AVENGING ANGELO, at a French film festival, Sylvester Stallone let it be known he thinks it’s time for a RAMBO 4.

“We’re talking about doing another Rambo because I think it’s time to combine action with politics,” Stallone said. Just what he means by “it’s time” is not exactly clear, but RAMBO 3 dealt with the then current hot subject of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

It’s not known what success Stallone would have in such a venture. A few years ago, he made similar noises about bringing back the ROCKY series with a sixth film, but interest from studios was lacking.

Stallone has been hit by a series of misfired comeback attempts, and it’s been 14 year since the last RAMBO film. Stallone’s most recent comeback attempt, D-TOX, was not even released in theaters. It is coming out later this year on video.

Interesting news… and it looks as if “D-Tox” will get at least a limited release.

– Craig Zablo
[September 14, 2002]


Chris Murphy (who many will remember as the webmaster of Sly’s Gym) checked in after a long absence. Chris has been working on a variety of things including his artwork, and he created this teaser exclusively for the SZ! (Who now could doubt that Sly could get in shape to play Rambo or Rocky?)

– Craig Zablo
(December 1, 2001)


In the Loose Talk column in the December 10, 2001 issue of US Weekly the art to the left (created by Risko) appears with the following quote:

“I’d love to do one more, but I don’t think it would be in good taste at this age.”

On the prospect of making Rambo IVSylvester Stallone.

Craig Zablo
(December 1, 2001)

StalloneZone Exclusive: “Rambo IV” Fan Poster!

When ERNEST “Jazzman” RESENDES sent this to me, I immediately called my wife into the room and showed it to her.  She looked at the photo and said, “So it’s true, there will be a fourth Rambo. That’s a cool poster. Bet you can’t wait until next summer.”

When I told her that the movie was still rumor and the poster was created by Jazz for the SZ, she said, “Well if they do decide to make the movie they should use Jazzman’s poster.”

I couldn’t agree more!

– Craig Zablo
(November 18, 2001)