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John Wick, Jack Carter and Giovanni Valletta

When I saw that Giovanni Valletta, an artist on the John Wick comic series was taking commissions, I jumped on board for a couple of head sketches (John Wick and Jack Carter).  Because it took a little longer than expected to get the art to me Giovanni added more to the art and threw in some prints as well.  That’s customer service!

You can see more of Giovanni’s art at his site!

Thomas Boatwright’s “Rambo III” Stick Fighter!

Above is Thomas Boatwright’s art of Sly from Rambo III.  If you like what you see (or love it as I do) then you may want to check out the video below of Boatwright creating it!

Over the years I’ve gotten several Stallone pieces from Thomas.  Click on the link to see what has been posted so far… there are more to come.

If you’d like to see more of Thomas Boatwright’s art check out his blog and his instagram. Send him some love.

Jack Carter and John Wick by John Beatty!

On November 23, 2018, aka Black Friday, John Beatty and I met in his studio to do a livestream broadcast of John’s John Wick / Jack Carter drawing for my Stallone Sketch Collection. Click on the photo above to see a much bigger version.  We were joined in the studio by Ron Wendt who took the photos below.

That’s John…

That’s me…

And that’s John with his reference working on the art.  You can click on the video link below to see and hear how everything went down.  We had a blast with viewers texting in questions and even a couple of call-ins to the studio.

John is considering adding tones to the Carter / Wick piece and if he does I’m sure I’ll join him in studio, so maybe you will consider swinging by as well.  John draws live most Monday through Fridays and loves to interact with those who tune in.  You should give it a go and tell him I sent ya.

John Beatty Livestream: Jack Carter & John Wick Watercolor on Nov. 23rd!

This Friday, November 23rd, starting at 1pm EST, John Beatty will be drawing live on YouTube.  I’ll be co-hosting as Big J creates a watercolor painting pairing Sylvester Stallone as Jack Carter and Keanu Reeves as John Wick!  How cool is that?

Just think: You can avoid the Black Friday crowds and have a blast with other like-minded fans as we watch John draw and paint!  We’ll be talking movies, comics, tv, novels and of course Sly Stallone.  John and I will take questions from the folks who show up.  These livestreams are always a blast so we hope to see you there!

Rocky by Moritat

The Rocky drawing above was created by the guy in the photo below.  He goes by Moritat but his given name is Justin Norman.  I met Moritat at The Infinity Toy and Comic Con in Kissimmee earlier this year.  I was hanging out with John Beatty (who was also set up at the show) and Moritat was at the next table.  I saw the fantastic art Moritat was creating and enjoyed talking with him, so it was only natural I asked for a sketch.  If we hadn’t had to leave the show early, I’d have gotten another.

Jack Carter Goes to Sin City by Karl Slominski

The Jack Carter & Marv (from Sin City) piece above was created as a commission for me at HeroesCon 2018 by Karl Slominski.  I met Karl for the first time at the 2017 Heroes convention when I requested Karl’s take on Jack Carter and John Wick (which will be posted in the near future).

When I picked up the sketch, my buddies LittleJohn and Mike Cross were with me.  They both liked my sketch so much they commissioned sketches of their own.  LittleJohn got John Wick and John McClane, while Mike asked for Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) and Maggie (Adrienne Barbeau).

This encouraged me to go back for another “Jack Carter and…” sketch, this time getting Carter and Raylan Givens from Justified.  I’ll post that in the near future as well. (Yes, I am way behind in posting my sketches.  I do plan to, ah, justify that in the coming weeks.)

If you’d like to see more of Karl Slominski’s art check out…