Sly’s Mom Honored

By – Thursday, May 22 02:03 pm

Jackie Stallone, the mother of Rocky star Sylvester, has been made a Dame of the Order of St Stanislaus at an elaborate ceremony in Kiev.

Currently visiting her grandparents’ native Ukraine, the former trapeze artist turned American astrologer, was presented the medal in recognition of her concern for the wellbeing of others.

During her stay she also visited a children’s home in Odessa, where she took the opportunity to underline the importance of hope in the lives of all youngsters.

“A vivid example is my son Sylvester, who was a difficult child,” she said frankly. “He seemed a hopeless boy but he has managed to build a proper future.”


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Empty Nest

Mike Walker‘s “All the Gossip” column in the October 2, 2001 issue of The National Enquirer contains the following:

EMPTY NEST: Sylvester Stallone plunked down a cool $16 million to buy the huger home next to his BevHills mansion for his mom Jackie. But she told Sly “No thanks,” saying she prefers to stay in her ONE-BEDROOM pad in bustling Santa Monica rather than vegetate in Sly‘s secluded estate. (Yo! Anyone wanna live next door to a movie star?)

We reported this on September 16th!
– Craig Zablo
(September 29, 2001)