Jeff Johnson Knows The Cure

The piece above was drawn by Jeff Johnson at last year’s Heroes ConJeff is one of the founding fathers of Drink and Draw [along with Rev. Dave Johnson and Dan Panosian].  When I asked him to autograph my hardcover Drink and Draw, Volume 2, I also asked Jeff about doing a Stallone piece for my collection.  Jeff was up for it and chose Cobra.  He then proceeded to kill it with this sketch.

Hopefully, Jeff will be up for another Stallone piece in the future.

Sly’s Stache Helps the Cause

On December 01, 2011, Bloomberg Businessweek posted a piece by Katie Linsell titled, Movember Raises Record with Help from Stallone, Gervais, Craig. Here are some tidbits from the article…

  • Movember, a global campaign that had men growing moustaches in November to raise awareness and money for male cancer charities, said it had a record fund-raising year…

  • Actors Sylvester Stallone, Daniel Craig, David Spade, and Stephen Fry as well as comedian Ricky Gervais, Formula One driver Jenson Button and soccer player Peter Crouch helped widen the campaign’s appeal.

Ryan Cody Tries on Rhinestone

This his week Ryan Cody is back with Sly from Rhinestone.

Ryan is still running an unbelievable sale [where you get a free sketch with every purchase. That’s right. Buy Volume 1 of his sketchbook for five bucks and get a free sketch. Same if you buy Volume 2 or the Icarus Convention Issue].

If you want to see more of his art then check out Ryan’s blog and his DA site.

Thanks to Ryan! – Craig

EW: Sly’s Worst Movie

The December 2, 2011 issue of Entertainment Weekly has a cover story called, “Stars’ Worst Movies.” Sly makes the list with “Eye See You” and here’s what they say…

* Sylvester Stallone *
Eye See You (2002)

Costarring: Tom Berenger and Charles Dutton
Tagline: “Survival is a killer.”

Originally titled D-Tox back when it still had hopes of a wide release, this sluggish stockpile of stale serial-killer cliches spent three years in limbo before eking out a blink-and-you’ll-miss it theatrical run.  Sly plays an FBI agent haunted by the murder of his girlfriend with a power-drill and is sent to a remote clinic for post-traumatic stress disorder.  As a blizzard rolls in, one patient starts offing his fellow inmates, and it’s up to you-know-who to save the day.  The punny title refers to the killer’s calling card – in one case he writes the letters “ICU”inside his victim’s eyelids.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Never one to let a double entendre go to waste, Stallone impales the killer on a spike while uttering, “I see you.  You see… this?”


I’d have thought they would have selected “Stop or My Mom Will Shoot” or “Rhinestone.” I guess those would have been too easy. – Craig

Rocky and Apollo

I scanned the photo above from the latest issue of Previews which is a catalog available through comic shops.  If you’re interested in one of the action figures, I’d put in an order soon.