Limited Edition Rocky Figures and More!

Jeremy Padawer, head of Entertainment Marketing for Jakks Pacific checked in to remind SZoners about the cool line of “Rocky” figures that are they’re producing.

Here’s what Jeremy had to say:

We’re producing the Rocky action figure line – literally manufacturing and marketing practically every important character from the Rocky movies.

Including: Rocky, Adriane, Mick, Paulie, Thunderlips, Roberto Duran, Joe Frasier, Mike Tyson (cameo Rocky Balboa), and 30+ others.

I’m running a promotion on my personal website –

Basically, we did a 1:50 Pre-Production Rocky Balboa bronzed figure in a polybag packaging for 2006 NYC Licensing Show. We’re going to follow up with a 1:1000 bronze figure in regular Rocky packaging that we give away on the streets of Philadelphia in late August!

I’m really looking forward to the release of these figures! Check out Jeremy’s Blog for full details and news about other cool products!

– Craig Zablo [July 6, 2006]

Gerardo Moreno’s Rocky and Rambo DVD Packages!

Gerardo Moreno checked in to the SZ with pics of his design work for a Rocky and Rambo dvd packages sold

If you’d like to see more of Gerardo’s work; he specializes in illustrations [traditional and digital], graphic design,  as well as sculpture and photography; then check out his website and tell him I sent you! – Craig

Action Figure Digest: Rocky and Rambo!

The March 2006 issue of Tomart’s Action Figure Digest features early prototypes of the new Rocky figures on the cover as well as a two page spread featuring over 20 images of the additional characters and items which will be offered.

Here are some highlights:

* Approximately 40 to 50 figures will be produced
* All of the lead characters will be featured with figures from each film
* Key secondary and tertiary characters from all films will also get a figure [even the robot from Rocky IV!]
* A new series will be issued every one to two months starting in October 2006

This issue also features a pic of the Sideshow Collectables HALO Rambo!
The mag is well worth the price of admission and can be found on newstands now.

– Craig


More Praise for Sly, “Rocky” & “Rocky III”

The November 25th issue of Entertainment Weekly contains an article rating the top 30 sports movie dvds and stars.

Sly Stallone, Rocky and Rocky III all earned top spots.

Here’s what they had to say:

4. Rocky [PG, 119 mins., 1976; MGM]
HERE’S WHY: Hard enough to take a 15-round beating from Apollo Creed [Carl Weathers], soft enough to give Adrian [Talia Shire] the bed the night before the big fight, the Philly southpaw is more character than most. With one shot to prove he’s not just another bum from the hood, Sylvester Stallone faces the champ and does the unthinkable, by Hollywood standards: He loses. But wins our hearts by going the distance [and remembering Adrian’s hat].
DID YOU KNOW? The Italian Stallion’s blow-by-blow of the bout weighed in at 32 pages. EXTRAS The 2001 special edition features commentaries detailing every decision made in the making of this Best Picture.
FINAL SCORE:  We’d all like to eat lightning and crap thunder for Mickey [Burgess Meredith]. – Mandi Bierly

24. Rocky III [PG, 100 mins., 1982; MGM]
HERE’S WHY: Because it perfected the formula. Why have one nigh-invulnerable black heavyweight when you can have two? Why have one viscerally adrenalized fight when you can have three? The story of the Italian Stallion’s defeat at the hands of and subsequent victory over Clubber Lang – the only actually scary performance of Mr. T’s career – packs all the inspirational triumph you look for in a Rocky flick [and a touch of casual racism that you don’t], but Rocky III‘s true gift to sports cinema is the anatomically fetishized, borderline homoerotic training sequence. That, and “The Eye of the Tiger.
EXTRAS:  We pity the DVD fools who included nothing but a measly trailer. If we find them, our prediction for the encounter? Pain.
FINAL SCORE: Twenty notches below the first Rocky on our list, but the most fun installment in the whole series. – Marc Bernardin

SYLVESTER STALLONE Rocky [1976] Rocky Balboa may be an outclassed palooka, but he has the heart of a champ, a virtue that Stallone portrays so convincingly that he transformed his Philly underdog into an indellible and enduring pop-culture hero. [See #4]

– The pic above is different than the one with the article. – Craig

Sly to Induct Hulk Hogan into Wrestling Hall of Fame

Sylvester Stallone will induct Terry ”Hulk Hogan” Bollea into the WWE Hall of Fame in a ceremony in Los Angeles on April 2, 2005. Hogan played Thunderlips in 1982‘s “Rocky III,” starring and directed by Stallone.

The induction ceremony will be held at the Universal Amphitheatre. It is an official WrestleMania Week event in Southern California.

Portions of the hall of fame induction will air that evening on Spike TV (11 p.m. ET).


“Rocky” Anthology DVD

MGM Home Entertainment has announced a new Rocky Anthology dvd giftset for release on December 14, 2004.

Each film will boast brand new high-definition transfers along with a new DTS track on Rocky and 5.1 Surround on the four sequels.

The selling point for me is the new audio commentaries on all five films

The set will also include a bonus sixth disc containing the A&E Biography “Sylvester Stallone: The Rocky Road to the Top”.

The six-disc package will list for around $63.00. If you order using a link on the SZ, not only do you save money but you also help support us!

You can pre-order it HERE for 30% off.

Thanks to Tarek for the heads-up – Craig