Sly’s Underrated Sequels

Simon Brew, at the Den of Geek, lists 19 Underrated Sequels That Deserve a Second Chance.  Here’s what he had to say about some Stallone-starring choices:

Rocky II, III & IV

Our love of Rocky IV has already been documented at Den Of Geek, but the saga of Sylvester Stallone’s Italian Stallion is really enjoyable right up until 30 seconds before Rocky V starts. The second movie is a glossy and very functional sequel, but let’s cut film three slack for loosening up and having some fun, with Mr T’s Clubber Lang a great introduction to the franchise. Rocky IV, of course, remains without modern day parallel…

You can read the entire article here.

Sly Praised for “Death Race” Role

On January 13, 2009, Nick Cowen and Hari Patience took a look at “Death Race 2000” for the  The review was positive and gave special praise to Sly’s work in the film.

top marks go to Sylvester Stallone who shows genuine comedy chops in his portrayal of Machine Gun Joe.
Stallone is really the best thing about this film.
…Surprisingly enough, Sylvester Stallone, whose knowingly over-the-top performance as Machine Gun Joe is pure comedy gold.
…In Stallone’s hands, every single line of dialogue is laugh-out-loud hilarious.

You can read the entire review here.

“Rambo” Chosen Top Film Again

On January 13, 2009, Jason Roestel, of the [Miami] listed his choices for The Top Movies of 2008“Rambo” came in at #2.  In honor of the second place finish here are two quotes from the review:

This is how you bring a hero out of a 20 year retirement Steven Spielberg.

This was the bravest film of 2008.

You can read the entire piece by clicking here.

Greatest Movie Voices of All Time

On January 9, 2009, Mark Caro of The Chicago Tribune wrote an article about the greatest movie voices of  all timeMr. Caro’s contention was that we could identify old time movie stars without seeing them if we heard them speak just one sentence.  Mr. Caro goes on to, ah, voice his opinions on the subject and then talk to a few celebrities for their opinions.

When Mr. Caro asked director Darren (“The Wrestler”) Aronofsky for his choices, here is what he said:

Lauren Bacall, of course, and Humphrey Bogart. Jimmy Stewart is so unique that he’s instantly recognizable.  Malkovich.  And Sly [Stallone], in its own way. It’s distinct, you know?”

You can read the full article here.

SZoner Wedding

SZoner, Frank Viggiano checked in with the photo above and this note:

Hi Craig,

I am a huge fan of Sly and the site.  It’s great to have a place to check in on his movie news and what he is up to.  I was married in November and my beautiful wife surprised me with this cake!!!  As she announced it, the band played “Gonna Fly Now” and it was awesome.  I thought I would send them to you.  Thanks again for what you do and I will be checking on all “The Expendable” news.  Thank you, Frank Viggiano
What a great wife and surprise.  Now that’s what I call a superfan!

Rourke is Expendable & Expendable Love

Variety has reported that Mickey Rourke has signed on to co-star in Sly Stallone’s action flick, “The Expendables.” Rourke will join Sly, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren and Forrest Whitaker in what many are calling the can’t miss movie of the coming year.  The National Post even published an article today with the title: “Early Prediction: Stallone’s The Expendables will be the greatest action movie of all time.”

The also has an interesting [and positive] article on “The Expendables.” Here are a few quotes:

The Second Coming of Mickey Rourke owes itself in part to Stallone’s faith in him a decade ago, when he recommended Rourke for a minor role in the remake of Get Carter. Their brooding, mangle-faced chemistry was about the only thing that clicked while the film imploded around them. We wanted more, and we’ll get it.

Sir Ben Kingsley rumored to have an eye on the project…

Unless you count Denzel Washington (we don’t) and his Where the Wild Things Are voice work for Spike Jonze, Forest Whitaker hasn’t worked with a real director since Kevin Macdonald shepherded him to an Oscar in 2006.

You gotta love it.  Rourke and Stallone together again on the big screen.  Yeah, we did want more.  And, yeah, we’re getting it.  It’s also interesting to note that the author of the piece must consider Sly a “real director.”

Now if we can just get Kurt Russell and Bruce Willis on board and a cameo for Arnold, I say let the filming begin!