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SZ Exclusive: SZoner an “Escape Plan” Extra

SZoner, SlyStalloneFan was able to be an extra in Escape Plan. Here’s his summary of the experience! – Craig

Yo Craig!!!

Just got home from watching Escape Plan at my local theater. I am telling you, there never was and there will never be an actor that gets me all excited to watch a movie as much as my idol Sylvester Stallone does. Now that the movie is released in theaters, I thought I share my story of being on set of Escape Plan.

Back in April of 2012,  I had the chance to be on set of the making of THE TOMB which was the original title. I can’t describe to you the level of excitement that I had to witness my favorite action icons filming scenes in front of my very eyes. It was a moment that I knew will always hold a spot in my life. The best part was that I got to see Sly and Arnold film their fight scene. The energy that I had that day was beyond what I can explain. I never felt that excited about anything. I was so impressed by the level of dedication, focus and seriousness that Sly had on set. He truly impressed me and motivated me like no one else. This was also part of me learning a few things due to the fact that I attended film school.

I got to be an extra in the movie and I was close to Sly when they were filming the fight scene with Arnold. In between takes, I yelled out “EYE OF THE TIGER, SLY” and Sly replied to me and said “Eye of the potato” lol. That made me laugh and basically made my day.

Anyways here are some pictures. Thanks for the great work that you do Mr. Zablo. And thank you Mr. Stallone for a fantastic movie.

Your fellow SZoner, Hisham aka SlyStalloneFan.

Above you can see me in the back from the right side behind Sly


In the pic above you can see me wearing same outfit as Sly.


Thanks for sharing, Hisham! – Craig

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