“Judge Dredd” Alt Poster by Mickaël Journou!

Mickaël Journou created this cool alt Judge Dredd poster.  Here’s what he had to say about it:

I recently rewatched the movie. An all-time classic for me (yeah, huge fan of Sly! haha). I’m obviously older now so I couldn’t help to wonder if our current society is heading towards what we see in that movie. This is my new full digital art poster!

You can see more of Journou’s art on his Twitter feed.

Rocky by Colin Murdoch!

Colin Murdoch is a freelance artist based in North Yorkshire, UK.  Mr. Murdoch created the Rocky art above as a private commission.  Here’s his description…

This poster was illustrated as a private commission for a Rocky fan and collector, to be shown alongside a set of black gloves signed in silver pen, and we felt it would be appropriate to paint the image in black and white.

I tried to keep the illustration in a painterly style to give it a feeling of action.

You can see more of Colin Murdoch’s art at his website.  He is available for commissions.

FAN2FAN Podcast: Craig Zablo Talking Stallone Interview Part 1

The Fan To Fan (F2F) podcast with hosts Bernie Gonzalez, Peter Charbonneau and Doug Ziegler takes a simple idea and does it well.  Each episode of F2F features a conversation between fans.  The subject could be movies, comics, TV, video games, toys, cartoons, or anything pop culture! Bernie, Peter and Doug pick a fan with a love and/or knowledge of the episode’s topic and then do a deep dive.

Recently, the F2F team spoke with me about Sly Stallone.  When I was approached to be a guest, I explained that there are Stallone fans with greater knowledge and bigger collections than mine.  Still, they were interested in how I became a Stallone fan, the creation of StalloneZone and more.  I was already a fan of  Bernie’s Midnight Mystery, so I checked out F2F and became a fan of it as well.

Talking to Bernie, Pete and Doug was a blast.  It was truly fans hanging out.  Here’s part one of the conversation.  I hope you enjoy it half as much as I did.

“Rocky” – The Greatest Underdog Story of Our Time by Mike Lynaugh

Click on the poster above by Mike Lynaugh and admire the detail that he put in it.  Mike captured Rocky’s story from Rocky through Creed.  All of Rocky’s opponents are there including Spider Rico and Thunderlips.  Butkus is shown.  Rocky’s address and Mighty Mick’s gym appear.

Click over to Mike’s Instagram where he writes of the time he spent on the painting.  What a true Rocky fan!!