Dick Giordano’s Demolition Man #5

Dick Giordano, the comics legend is back! During his fifty plus years in the biz he’s done everything from ink all the greats (including himself) to serve as Editor-in-Chief of DC Comics, to co-founding his own comic company.

I recently had the good fortune to pick up six model sheet headsketches of Sly that Mr. Giodano did before starting work on DC Comics adaptation of “Demolition Man”. This is the fifth.

Burt Reynolds Says Sly May Be Easy

On December 6, 2009, PBPulse.com posted a short interview with Burt Reynolds and he talks a bit about several of the films he’s worked on.  Here’s what he had to say about “Driven”:

Driven: “There was a wonderful scene with Sly (Stallone), where I was telling him how I’d driven fast my whole career, and now I couldn’t get out of this chair. He was off-camera, and I could see he’d started to tear up. And I thought, ‘Either I’m doing something right, or he’s easy.’”

You can read the whole article by clicking here.

Sly Stallone Strikes Over Stolen ‘Cobra’ Car

On December 1, 2009, TMZ broke the news that Sly is suing to get back the famous 1950 Mercury used in the filming of “Cobra”Sly first reported the car as stolen in 1994 and recently came across it in an internet ad offering it for sale.  When the current “owner” refused to return it, Sly went after it through legal means.

According to TMZ, “a suit filed in in L.A. County Superior Court begins with a quote from the movie — “Crime is a disease. Meet the cure.'” You gotta love that.  Sly is suing for an immediate return of the car as well as three million dollars in damages since his name and image were used without the proper permission to promote the auction.

You can read the full piece at TMZ, as well as see more photos of the Cobra car by clicking here.


Sly & Family: Ice Cream Outing

On November 29, 2009, Celebrity Baby Scoop posted some larger shots of Sly, Jennifer, the girls and a friend having ice cream.  Here’s what they had to say:

Gorgeous girls!  Sylvester Stallone, wife Jennifer Flavin and their three daughters – Sophia Rose, 13, Sistine Rose, 11, and Scarlet Rose, 7 – along with a friend (in pink top) were spotted out and about in Beverly Hills on Saturday (November 28). Sly treated his girls to an ice cream on a sunny California day.

The 63-year-old Rocky star also has two older sons with his first wife, Sasha Czack: Sage Moonblood, 33, and Seargeoh, 30. His younger son was diagnosed with autism at an early age.

Photos: Splash
You can read the full post and see the other two photos and all in a larger format here.