Sly Presents “Rocky the Musical”

Stallone, Klitschkos present world’s first ‘Rocky’ musical.

AFP Relax News Mon, Nov 21, 2011

Sly Confirms: EX2 Poster Unofficial

Hey SZoners, I just received the following e-mail from Sly:


The poster that everyone is seeing on line is completely unofficial and bogus. The official poster is far from being completed so unfortunately people like to pull pranks. Please everyone spread the word that the real poster won’t be out for several months.




So there you have it.  Someone with some skills decided to have a bit of fun.   Thanks to Sly for letting us know.  – Craig

SZoner & Family Meet Frank Stallone

I recently heard from SZoner, Slyguy who along with his kids had a chance meeting with Frank Stallone and Chuck Zito.  Take it away Slyguy

Hi Craig –

Late October we got a ‘treat without a trick” for Halloween.   We stopped by, on a whim, to Hollywood’s “Rainbow Bar & Grill” on the sunset strip.  It’s known for the Rock N Roll crowd and 80% of pictures around the club and memoribillia are everyone from Van Halen to Motley Crue.  Not usually the place I would take my younger kids, however people there are always polite, and usually there are celebrity comic actors there in person more than anyone else I’ve ran into.

As you’ll see one of the pics, I was surprised at a non-occupied booth, a picture of Sylvester and Frank. I believe I’ve seen this pose/location before but not with Butkus included so I snapped a pic of a pic. Within 20minutes of that , famed bodyguard a tough guy socialite Chuck Zito (who recently completed a novel) showed up greeting people that sat at same table of ROCKY II era pic. Because my younger one’s were smitten at other’s smitten, I said I’d intro them to Chuck if they’d like.  Zito is a terrific spirited guy. As the pic shows, he was pleased and almost got the kids in a friendly headlock.

As my daughter went to break a bill for our tip, she noticed and told me later a well dressed guy with suit and tie approached the table where C.Z. (Chuck Zito, not Craig Zablo) was seated and said “You’re in my reserved seat, pal!”.  She ran over to actually inform me/tell on the guy’s humor and I looked up to notice, it was the SZ’s loved Frank Stallone. I could only reply “ That’s Frank Stallone, who you just saw in the booth photo with Sly. You guys would probably like a picture with him too.”

Since we were already exiting, I decided to mention aloud (what I held back from saying to Zito, and now thought would be even better for Frank to hear)… my memory of Chuck Zito on youtube stating he planned to be in “The Expendables 2”. Before i could even request a photo with Frank and the kids, Chuck good naturedly motioned to Frank, “you got some admirers who’d like a photo with you”..very enthusiastically Frank stood up (when I had just planned to ask if the kids could lean in real quick) and stuck out his hand to shake mine, “You guys want a photo?  How you doing this evening?”

I did in fact ask: “Hey, shouldn’t you both be reporting overseas to The Expendables 2 set by now?” (Chuck Zito “chuck”led and said “ask his brother, ha ha”.) Frank turned back to him smiled, and then gave us a terrific photo with my children.

So this brings me to my appreciation for Chuck and Frank’s cordialness and warmheartedness with my kids, when thoughtful fans like us usually don’t want to disrupt their privacy with a photo request. Thanks guys! for being gentleman that with celebrity, my kids can respect and aspire to be as respectful as you.

As we drove away, I remembered a late 80’s ? something interview.   I believe Frank Stallone, Don Swayze, Randy Quaid and other actor’s brothers were on Geraldo. (Patrick Swayze called in with ideas of a “Long Riders” remake with everybody) Don’t know if Frank recalls but I do..and what a re-make that would be with an awesome sibling accompanied cast with Frank & Sylvester Stallone as Frank and Jesse James.


Thanks to Slyguy for the great photos and report.  Frank is always the best with fans.  I’d also enjoy meeting Chuck Zito, so it’s nice to hear he’s good with fans as well.  Love the western idea!


EX2 Teaser…

Now THAT is a sweet teaser poster.

Cinema Blend posts that the poster could be unofficial!