Bullet to the Head: It’s Sly Doing What He Does Best

On February 4, 2013, Pegasus News posted a review of Bullet to the Head by Liz Tramer titled Bullet to the Head is a Fully Loaded Flick: It’s Sly Doing What He Does Best.  Here are a few quotes… – Craig

Let’s be honest, if you are planning on seeing Sylvester Stallone’s new movie, Bullet to the Head, you are not looking for a high-brow film. You are looking for a shoot ‘em up that kicks ass, and you won’t be disappointed.

In an age where previews and opening weekends can determine a film’s success, Bullet to the Head is exactly what it promotes itself as … Sylvester Stallone doing what he does best …

Sly: “I Can’t Maintain Bullet to the Head Physique

On February 4, 2013, Digital Spy posted Sylvester Stallone: “I Can’t Maintain Bullet to the Head Physique.  Here are a few quotes… – Craig

“Looking as ripped as I do on the Bullet to the Head film poster is a temporary situation – you can’t maintain it… “

“I have all kinds of chest injuries; I tore my vein during Rocky II and had 60 stitches. If you’ve seen Rocky Balboa, you’ll know how bad they look… covered them with a tattoo of my wife. Then the tattoo started to grow and it went to a skull and before I knew it, I was a mural.”

Are Stallone And Schwarzenegger’s Careers Over?

On February 4, 2013, Sean O’Connell at Cinema Blend asked (and answered), Are Sylvester Stallone And Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Careers Over?

No doubt that this article was brought on by the much lower than expected box office of Arnold’s The Last Stand and Sly’s Bullet to the Head.  Here are a few tidbits from O’Connell’s piece…

Stallone’s Expendables franchise, for starters, proves that ticket buyers will show up to see these action icons kicking ass on screen.

… you can also point to Liam Neeson’s Taken franchise as a lucrative property built on the shoulders of an older action hero. The 60-year-old Irishman’s only a few years behind Schwarzenegger (65) and Stallone (66), yet he doesn’t lean on his seniority as a punchline, and audiences have very little trouble accepting him as a lethal weapon.

I’d say that both men have some life in their action-hero legs, and these two abysmal openings just coincidentally occurred within weeks of each other.


“Bullet to the Head” Reviews

Bullet to Head is out and the reviews are in…

“Bullet to the Head” opened to mixed reviews and a projected six place slot.  While I wasn’t surprised by the mixed reviews, I was by the box office.  Perhaps the Sandy Hook tragedy is just too fresh in folks’ minds.  Maybe guys made this an all sports weekend with the UFC fights last night and the Super Bowl today.

I enjoyed the movie and while the story isn’t realistic (nor was it meant to be) and has some plot holes — it is a fun action movie and accomplishes what Walter Hill and Sly set out to do.  I plan to see it again this week.  It will be interesting to see what happens during week two at the box office. – Craig