Torrance Takes a Trip to Paradise Alley

Mike Torrance aka The Krayola Kidd is back from “Paradise Alley” and he brought Sly as Cosmo Carboni with him!  I think Mike did an excellent job of capturing Sly from one of his most under-rated movies.

You can see more of Mike’s art at The Daily Sketch with The Krayola Kidd and his Deviant Art site. Mike is available for commissions and his prices are very reasonable.

Otis Frampton’s Cosmo

Otis Frampton loves sharing his talents with his fans. Every Sunday [okay, ALMOST, every Sunday], Otis has a live UStream broadcast that he calls the 7×7 Sunday.  Lucky fans can get a headsketch of ANY character drawn live by Otis on a 7X7 inch bristol board for 7 bucks postage paid.   It’s the best deal going.

I’ve been lucky enough to get four pieces from Otis and the Cosmo Carboni from “Paradise Alley” shown above is one of them.  I’ll be showing the rest in the coming weeks.  In the mean time, check out Otis’ Gallery.  Most likely, after seeing more of his work, I’ll be competing against you in Otis’ next 7×7 Sunday.

Dave Wachter’s Cosmo

This week we have Dave Wachter’s take on Sly as Cosmo Carboni from “Paradise Alley”.  I’d never seen Dave’s art until this year at HeroesCon.  I immediately got on board for the sketch above.  Since then I’ve picked up two more small pieces from Dave.  He’s talented and very reasonably priced.  You can see more of Dave’s art at his site.  Plan to spend a while!