LeRoy Neiman’s Rarely Seen “Rocky” Movie Art!

Mike Kunda is a super Rocky fan, the #1 Rocky impersonator in the world and the owner of the Yo Philly! Rocky Film Tour.  Recently Mike posted several seldom seen LeRoy Neiman sketches from behind the scenes filming of Rocky movies.  They were too good not to share.

LeRoy Neiman is considered the most famous sports artist in the world.  His painting of Rocky used in Rocky III is without a doubt his most famous Rocky art, but it isn’t the only Rocky art Neiman created.  In addition, to finished paintings, Neiman created preliminary sketches like the ones above of Drago slugging Rocky and Rocky in a defensive stance.

I love this sketch that Neiman labeled, Face Hit Two, Rocky II, c. 1980.  It was created using felt pen, acrylic, ink and pencil.

Neiman titled this Round XV, Rocky IV created in Vancouver, BC. May 1, 1985.

As you can see above, even the movie call sheet was material for a quick sketch of Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed!

LeRoy Neiman was always a dashing figure (and seldom seen without a cigar).  Here he is seen creating more prelim sketches for Rocky IV art.

The photo above was turned into a Neiman Rocky IV painting that is rarely seen!

I love the amount of details that appear in this loose LeRoy Neiman prelim that he labeled: Sylvester Stallone in Rocky IV, May 1, 1985.  felt, pen and acrylic on paper. 20 1/4 x 26 in.  51.4 x 66 cm.

Above is a Neiman sketch he titled, Sly, Rocky II, March 13, 1990.

Thanks again to Mike Kunda for sharing these finds. If you’d like to see more of LeRoy Neiman’s amazing artwork, please check out his official site.

Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week

Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week:

Cool “Rambo” Art – But Who is the Artist?

I first saw the art above on the Rambo: First Blood to Last Blood Facebook Page. I really like the piece and wanted to see more from the artist. When I asked if anyone knew who created it, the only response I got was from my buddy,  Regan Greenard (aka Raven when he assists me moderating my StalloneZone forum).

Regan thinks it could be Roberto Recchioni, but isn’t sure.  I did a search and could find that Recchioni created alternate posters for each of the Rambo films, but I couldn’t find this drawing.

So… I’m putting out the call.  Do any of you know who created the piece above?  Once I find out, I’ll give proper credit and a link to his/her social media.

“Rocky” Meat Locker Print by Guy Stauber!

Check out this cool Rocky print created by Guy Stauber.  Stauber is the creative genius behind Shogun Graphic Systems™ which provides digital illustration and graphic design services to a wide range of international clients.  Stauber’s clients include Sports Illustrated, The Wall Street Journal, DC, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Disney & Fox TV to name a few.

The Rocky print above comes in various sizes and is available through Guy Stauber’s store on his website.  Plan to spend some time checking out Stauber’s amazing art in his online portfolio.

Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week

Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week: