Ryan Cody Tries on Rhinestone

This his week Ryan Cody is back with Sly from Rhinestone.

Ryan is still running an unbelievable sale [where you get a free sketch with every purchase. That’s right. Buy Volume 1 of his sketchbook for five bucks and get a free sketch. Same if you buy Volume 2 or the Icarus Convention Issue].

If you want to see more of his art then check out Ryan’s blog and his DA site.

Thanks to Ryan! – Craig

The Worst Music Movie Is… Not Rhinestone!

On September 16, 2011, The Huston Press posted a piece by John Seaborn Gray titled, The Five Worst Music Movies Ever.  Not surprisingly, Rhinestone made the list.  Surprisinly, it came in at #5. 

According to this list Rhinestone is better than The Jazz Singer starring Neil Diamond, Glitter starring Mariah Carey and  Cool as Ice starring Vanilla Ice.  Is that a backhanded compliment to Rhinestone since Sly isn’t a singer and Neil Diamond, Mariah Carey and Vanilla Ice are.  Who knows?

What’s crazy is that the worst “music movie” on the list is Staying Alive. C’mon.  There’s no way that Staying Alive should be considered the worst.  Heck, I don’t even think it should make the list. 

So Sly dodges the bullet of worst music movie with Rhinestone and still comes in at #1 worst with Staying Alive.  That’s the name of that tune… and I ain’t singing along.


Sly Saved Dolly

Dolly Parton says that when she was at the lowest point in her life it was Sylvester Stallone who saved her!

In 1984, prior to filming on “Rhinestone” Dolly learned that she would never be able to have children and it devastated her. Dolly recently told an interviewer for The Globe, “It was an awful time for me… Every day I thought, ‘I wish I had the nerve to kill myself.” Then Dolly started filming “Rhinestone” with Sly. Dolly still has fond memories of the filming, “Even though the movie didn’t do that well, that was one of my greatest projects because Stallone was so full of life and so crazy and funny, and he made me laugh a lot, which was really healthy for me. That got me back on track.”

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– Craig