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The Digital Spy has posted up two items of interest to Stallone fans.

In the first, Sly defends the level of violence in “Rambo” saying, “As horrific and bloody as you think the film is, I don’t, because that’s what war is.” He goes on to add, “Gratuitous violence is a guy dressed up in a fright wig with a meat cleaver chasing ten teenagers around the woods for ten hours. That’s gratuitous, this [Rambo] is war. And civil war is by far the most vicious of all wars.” Click HERE to read the full post.

In the second Sly discusses the film that bothered him the most: “I think the biggest mistake I ever made was with the sloppy handling of Judge Dredd. I thought that could have been a fantastic, nihilistic, interesting vision of the future – judge, jury and executioner. That [film] really bothered me a great deal.” Sly goes on to talk about characters that he’d like to re-visit: “I think Cobra could have been kind of interesting on a certain level only because I always saw him as Bruce Springsteen with a badge! That character would’ve been nice to go back to.” Sly also “added that he wouldn’t mind going to see if Sheriff Freddy Heflin, the character he played in James Mangold’s Cop Land, ‘lived happily ever after’.” For the full piece click HERE.

Sly opens the door for some very interesting possibilities. Especially if Mangold joined him. – Craig

Sly Movies Part of Encore Special

Sly Movies Part of Encore Special

If you receive the Encore movie channel you may want to tune in to “Shooting the Police: Cops on Film,” premiering July 1st at 8:00 p.m. The original half-hour special takes a look at the cop film phenomena and how the heroes have changed over the years. The special was produced as part of Encore’s “Summer Heat: 31 Days of Cop Movies,” a month-long festival of cop films every night at 8:00 p.m., all month in July.

Clips from “Nighthawks”, “Die Hard”, “Heat”, and many other movies will appear as filmmakers such as Larry Cohen (“Phonebooth”), Carl Franklin (“Out of Time”), Steven de Sousa (“Die Hard”) and others discuss the popularity and changes the genre has experienced.

Sly films represented during the month arre “Nighthawks” [July 3rd and July 19], “Judge Dredd” [July 20], and “Demolition Man” [July 29th].

For more details click HERE.

– Craig Zablo