“First Blood” Movie Cover Paperback Released

First Blood by David Morrell

Publisher: Ballentine

Copyright: 1972

Edition shown: 1st Ballentine edition paperback, November 1982

Tagline“Nobody in the small Kentucky town knew his name was Rambo. All they knew was that he was a stranger… and that he looked like trouble. Rambo was trouble. The Army had trained him in the art of killing and now he did not know how to stop.”

Comments: The novel was written a decade before it was made into a movie. David Morrell is one of my favorite writers [and has been since I first read this book in 1973]. If you haven’t read First Blood, you should!

– Craig Zablo

Sly Steps In

When the Nighthawks’ director is unable to get to the set, Sly steps in to direct the subway chase scene so that a day of filming won’t be lost. This creates a problem with the Directors’ Guild and the producers are fined!

The Official “Rocky” Scrapbook

The Official Rocky Scrapbook by Sylvester Stallone

Publisher: Grosset and Dunlop

Copyright: 1977

Edition shown: 1st Printing, 1977

Tagline: “In his own words Sylvester Stallone tells the rags-to-riches story of how he wrote the Oscar-winning screenplay ROCKY and fought to play the title role.”

Comments: Hardback and Trade Paperback