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100 Best Action Movies

Ernest “Jazzman” Resendes wants everyone to know that the current issue of PREMIERE (Feb 2003) lists “The 100 BEST action movies on DVD” and you know Sly was on there. Here is what it said:

Sylvester Stallone made his finest action film long before he got locked in the Rambo-Rocky sequel cycle. In this gritty and unsentimental police tale, Sly and his partner, Billy Dee Williams, chase a chillingly cut-throat international terrorist ( Rutger Hauer ) through the streets , clubs and subways of New York City.

Sylvester Stallone‘s John Rambo goes back behind the bamboo curtian to rescue American POW’s in Vietnam from the clutches of Commie rats.Despite the pandering politics, the movie’s attitude is solidly antiauthoritarian, and the super cut, tanned Stallone is fun to watch when he lets the machine gun rip.

Great choices I thought !



Thanks to Jazz for sending! – Craig Zablo

SZ and Warner Bros. “Driven” Contest Winners





1. SYLVESTER STALLONE plays Champ racer Joe Tanto in Driven. What is the name of the movie that starred SLY as a racer named Joe Viterbo?  DEATH RACE 2000

2. RENNY HARLIN is directing SLY in Driven. What is the name of the movie that first paired SLY and RENNY?  CLIFFHANGER

3. SLY wrote the screenplay for Driven. What was SLY‘s original title for the film?  CHAMPS

4. SLY is an accomplished actor, director, and screenwriter. What movie did SLY write that went on to win the Academy Award for Best Picture?  ROCKY

5. SLY seems to like 5 letter names for his characters. Name three of his characters that have five letters in their last name and the name ends with an “o.”  RAMBO, TANGO and TANTO

6. Most people think that Rocky was SLY‘s first feature film screenplay that sold. It was his second! What was the name of his first?  PARADISE ALLEY

7. The “tag line” for Driven is “Welcome to the Human Race.” What was the tag line for SLY‘s last film, Get Carter“THE TRUTH HURTS”

8. SLY teams with an international cast in Driven. What actor made his US debut with SLY in Nighthawks?  RUTER HAUER

9. Actors and actresses who work with SLY quite often get noticed and move on to stardom [ANNE ARCHER, ARMAND ASSANTE, TOM SIZEMORE, BENJAMIN BRATT, etc.). Who was the actress who got her big break working with SLY in Demolition Man?  SANDRA BULLOCK

10. What is YOUR favorite SYLVESTER STALLONE movie, and why?  This one had no right/wrong answer and here are the movies that made the list (in alphabetical order): Cliffhanger, Cop Land, Daylight, First Blood, Lock Up, Lords of Flatbush, Over the Top, Rambo II, Rambo III, Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky IV, Rocky V, Tango & Cash.


The Winners!

1. Melissa Knollman 2. Marks Mail 3. Nicholas King 4. Kyle Riley 5. Tony Camm 6. Alan Sears 7. Jillian Decker 8. Troy Barwick 9. Crystal Coger 10. Mike Russo

I would like to thank Ms. Lifrieri and Warner Bros. for their assistance in making this contest possible. Winners can expect their posters in the next few weeks!

– Craig Zablo (April 1, 2001)


Sly on Total Film Special Edition Cover & Interior

Total Film has released a Special Collector’s Edition titled “The Action Movies That Changed the World.” “Rambo” and “Rocky” are just two of the many movies that are covered! Definitely worth picking up!

Ernest “Jazzman” Resendes also sent in a “heads-up” on the January 2001 issue of Total Film which contains a tidbit about SLY’S next film, “Avenging Angelo.” The item features a small pic [from “Cliffhanger”] and a brief synopsis of “Avenging Angelo” which is not presented in a positive light.

  • Craig Zablo

Time Capsule: June 10, 1985

Time Capsule: June 10, 1985

In the June 16, 2000, issue of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY the following item appears in the TIME CAPSULE section:

AT THE MOVIES: SYLVESTER STALLONE’S RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II is the No. 1 movie at the box office, having grossed $70 million in three weeks.

A small picture of Rambo also appears with the item.

– Craig Zablo (June 10, 2000)