Sly in Your Future

I wanted to give everyone a “heads-up’ on a couple of places that you’ll find Stallone in the near future.

VANITY FAIR’S HOLLYWOOD is the title of a new book that serves up a collection of photos, essays, and caricatures from the magazine’s 86 year history. Look for Sly to appear in a picture with Brigitte Nielsen in the section of celebrity couples. The book will retail for $50 from Viking Studio.

The third issue of TOTAL MOVIE goes on sale January 9th and looks to be something that all STALLONE fans will want. The issue will contain a feature called “ROCKY AT 25” which will celebrate the anniversary with the “ultimate guide to the Italian Stallion, and a look forward to the elusive “Rocky VI.”- Craig Zablo (November 18, 2000)

“Avenging Angelo” is Next for Sly

According to a story in The Hollywood Reporter by Cathy Dunkley and Zorianna Kit, Sly Stallone has agreed to star in “Avenging Angelo” which is described as a dark comedy. Negotiations are on-going to get Martin Burke to direct.

The screenplay was written by Will Aldis and Steve Mackall, and concerns the daughter of a man recently murdered who turns out to be a mafia crime boss. The woman, who the assistance of her father’s bodyguard (Stallone) seek revenge on those that killed her father.

No other cast members or a start date have been announced.


In the October 23, 2000, issue of People the picture above (much larger in the magazine) appears in an the SCOOP section. Sly also is quoted in the article which explores violence in movies. Pictures and quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan also appear. (Thanks to Andrew for the heads-up.)
– Craig Zablo (October 22, 2000)


Sly makes two appearances (well sort of) in the November issue of Movieline. He first appears in the picture to the left (reprinted much larger) with Jen at the Battlefield Earth premiere.

Sly also shows up in the 96th spot on the HOLLYWOOD 100 MOST LIST (as the “most egriegiously overpaid”).

Things could be worse since he was not considered:

* Most Likely to Scare a Psychiatrist (Angelina Jolie)

* Most Consistent Sellout (Robert DeNiro)

* Most Permanently in Midlife Crisis (Billy Bob Thornton)

* Most In Need of a Hit (Kevin Costner)

* Most… well, you get the idea!


-Craig Zablo (October 22, 2000)

The “Rocky” Connection to “Girlfight”

“Girlfight” is the story of an inner-city high school student, Dianna Guzman, who repeatedly gets into fights because of uncontrolled anger. She finds redemption when she finds a release for that anger in the boxing ring! “Girlfight” was written & directed by KARYN KUSAMA.  It stars MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ and SANTIAGO DOUGLAS“Girlfight” has been winning rave reviews from the public and critics around the country as well. It also won the grand jury prize and best-director awards at the Sundance Film Festival.

What’s the STALLONE connection, you ask? Of course many critics are comparing it to “Rocky” because of the plot — underdog rising above expectations while at the same time finding love. But there’s more… Diana‘s boyfriend’s name is Adrian [and we all know that’s Rocky‘s girl’s name…]! There’s even a rap song on the soundtrack that mentions Rocky Balboa!

– Craig Zablo [October 22, 2000]

Sly in US Weekly

SLY make two appearances in the October 30, 2000, issue of US WeeklySarah Saffian has an article titled “Stars Crack Down on Their Own Kids’ Viewing.” The piece looks at how stars deal with violence in movies their children watch. SLY is also quoted in the article.

SLY also appears in the LOOSE TALK section. The art above by Bill Nelson appears along with the quote below:

“You have this preconceived notion of him as a big, tough guy, but he speaks four languages and he likes to watercolor.”

– Rachel Leigh Cook, on her Get Carter co-star Sylvester Stallone

– Craig Zablo [October 22, 2000]

“Get Carter” – Total Movie Coverage

The picture above appears twice [once in the table of contents and again as a TWO page spread] in the premiere issue of Total Movie. Here’s their take on

Get Carter

IN A NUTSHELL: Back on the screen for the first time since 1997’s Cop LandSTALLONE heads up this remake of the 1971 MICHAEL CAINE classic as Jack Carter, a bad-ass New York mob enforcer who travels to Los Angeles to kill the sons-of-bitches who murdered his brother. Heads are cracked, asses are kicked and bad guys throughly pummeled as Carter goes on a vengence-fueled rampage though LA’s criminal underworld.

POTENTIAL: The script’s written by TED LEWIS, who wrote the orginal, and DAVID McKENNA, who wrote American History X – a promising team. STEVEN SODERBERG‘s awesome The Limey proved that these old-school one-man-army thrillers can still pay off in spades, so our hopes are high. And yes, MICHAEL CAINE is back, too.

PITTFALLS: Even MEL GIBSON had a hard time getting audiences to root for the bad guy in the underrated Payback, so what chance STALLONE? In the 1990s he served up such crud as Judge DreddAssassinsDaylightOscarThe Specialist, and Cliffhanger (come on, it was crap) – not exactly encouraging evidence of his choices of material. Oh, and MICKEY ROURKE‘s in it.

TOTAL MOVIE SAYS: Go and rent the original for an idea about why we’re excited to see this one – STALLONE‘s stepped in a few turds lately, true, but we have a feeling this hard-edged crime caper will prove that he can still get it done.

The editors are pretty down on many of SLY‘s movies yet they still eagerly anticpate “Get Carter” – I think that says a lot about the potential of this movie. I’m looking forward to this as much as I did “Cop Land” and feel that it has the potential to be as good [or even better].

This is Total Movie‘s first issue and it is very impressive… enough so that I plan to subscribe. It’s worth checking out but be sure that if you purchase an issue it is still in a plastic bag with a dvd attached. The dvd contains over two hours of movie previews, behind the scenes material and more! The first store I went to had only opened copies and all the dvds were missing!

– Craig Zablo [September 23, 2000]