Stallone: “I love my toughest role ever – dad.”

SLY STALLONE slugged his way to fame as Rocky and Rambo… but these days he prefers mixing it up with Barney the purple dinosaur. That’s because he loves his most challenging role ever – doting dad to Sistine, 2, and Sophia, 3.

So begins an “exculsive Enquirer interview” by Beverly Williston which appears in the August 22, 2000 issue of The National Enquirer. The one page article contains 4 pictures (the one above, Sly’s Beverly Hills Mansion, Sistine riding in a stoller, and Sly with Sophia).

Also included in the interview is this fast fact: “Stallone recently paid $500,000 for a new Mercedes with a Formula One race-car engine that propels it up to 200 m.p.h.

The issue is on stands now and the article alone is well worth the price of the issue.

– Craig Zablo (August 20, 2000)

Sly & Jen: Exclusive StalloneZone Candid

Laszlo Holl sent in the following candid of SLYJENNIFER, and his wife Helena with the following e-mail: “I am Hungarian engineer, my wife is Russain opera singer. ( We have been living in Canada for one year. I took this picture on University Avenue in downtown Toronto on August 22, 2000.

Thanks to Lazlo for sharing! – Craig Zablo

Stallone in the Stroller Derby

Stoller derby: SYLVESTER STALLONE and wife JENNIFER FLAVIN took daughters SOPHIA, 3 (left) and SISTINE, 2 , for a spin in Toronto, where STALLONE is enjoying plenty of time behind the wheel while shooting “Champs,” about a fading race-car driver returning to the circuit after a car wreck.

The above picture and caption appears in the August 21st issue of People magazine. (Thanks to StallonerG for the tip!). The same picture also appears in The Globe which is also on stands now.

– Craig Zablo (August 20, 2000)

Sylvester Stallone is Jack Carter

Webber, a STALLONE fan from Finland sent in the pics on this page with the following info: “I’m a huge SYLVESTER STALLONE fan. The first time I saw STALLONE was in Rocky 3 when I was nine. Then I saw Rocky 4 and I became a STALLONE fan. I’m still a huge fan. I try to find information about STALLONE from magazines and from the internet and StalloneZone is the best for that.”

Thanks again to Webber for sending in the pics

.- Craig Zablo [August 20, 2000]


Stoller derby: SYLVESTER STALLONE and wife JENNIFER FLAVIN took daughters SOPHIA, 3 (left) and SISTINE, 2 , for a spin in Toronto, where STALLONE is enjoying plenty of time behind the wheel while shooting Champs, about a fading race-car driver returning to the circuit after a car wreck.

The above picture and caption appears in the August 21st issue of People magazine. (Thanks to StallonerG for the tip!). The same picture also appears in The Globe which is also on stands now.

– Craig Zablo (August 20, 2000)

Sly News at Dark Horizons

Garth over at Dark Horizons has posted several STALLONE items this past week.

On Wednesday, he scored some cool photos from the set of “Champs.” “Mr. Fast Cars & Fast Women” sent in three shots (one of which is reprinted above). Garth also printed the news from that SLY may team with VIN DIESEL for “X vs Sever.”

On Thursday “LordBeer” submitted his report of “Champs” filming at the Target Grand Prix.

Friday saw one of the strangest items in a while… apparently JACKIE CHAN mentioned in an interview in the UK that he and SLY had been talking about teaming for “Rambo IV.”

For full details on these items check out Dark Horizons.

I certainly hope that the SLY /JACKIE CHAN / “Rambo IV” item never comes to reality!

– Craig Zablo (August 19, 2000)

Two Sly Tidbits

Ernest “Jazzman” Resendes sent in the two pictures posted on this page with the following captions:

The piece in the Globe reads : “SYLVESTER STALLONE, who always wanted to play Jesus , was turned down for the role as a televangalist by a studio honcho, who told him , “SLY, you’re a muscle star. ”

The caption in the National Examiner reads : “BURT REYNOLDS is lucky to have a wheely good friend like SLY STALLONE on the set of their upcoming movie Champs.”

Thanks once again to Jazz for sharing with us!

– Craig Zablo (August 13, 2000

On the Set of Stallone’s “Champs”

Tibby Borbely a.k.a. Tybor, a STALLONE ZONE “regular” sent us in the following exculsive photos taken on a location shoot for “Champs.” Thanks to Tybor (and Jerry for the technical assist)!

On location with SLY!

Can you spot Renny Harlin, the director of “Champs?”

“Gentlemen, start your engines!”

Sly with Eli Samaha (the producer) of “Champs.”

Another shot of Sly and Eli Samaha.

Once again I would like to thank Tibby Borbely a.k.a. Tybor
for taking the time and caring enough to share his exclusive
photos with all of us here at the STALLONEZONE!

– Craig Zablo (August 13, 2000)