Sly Stallone would love to bring Rocky and Rambo back to the big screen, but due to his age (55) doesn’t think much of his chances.  Sly told Britain’s Mirror newspaper…

‘It’s unlikely either my Rocky or my Rambo picture will get made.’

On another note, Sly and Jen have announced that their new baby’s name will be Scarlett Stallone  Craig (01/27/02)


The October 26th issue of Entertainment Weekly contains three Sly items!

#1 Sly Schemes Rocky may be down, but don’t count him out: MGM KO’d plans for Rocky 6 – the studio would only commit $10 million to the sequel – but franchise creator and star Sylvester Stallone is shopping other Italian Stallion-inspired projects. He’s pitching the networks a sitcom about a boxing priest: Father Lefty, which Stallone would produce but not star in, features a tough but loving man of the cloth. “It’s about a very eccentric priest who has his thumb on the pulse,” says the 55-year-old actor. “A real character who’s not far from Rocky.” He also thinks Rocky: The Musical could be a Broadway box office champ. “It would be very similar to the movie, but of course with songs,” says Stallone. “I’ll probably write the book.” Would Rocky belt out Survivor‘s “Eye of the Tiger“? “Absolutely Do-do, doo, doo,”Sly sings. “It’s the thrill of the fight.”

#2 Expecting Stop! Or my wife will deliver. Sylvester Stallone, 55, and model spouse Jennifer Flavin, 33, are expecting their third child. (A due date was not announced.) Daughters Sophia and Sistine are 5 and 3, respectively. Stallone also has two sons, Sage, 25, and Seargeoh, 22, from his first marriage.

#3 In the Encore section there is the above pic and an article about the birth of Planet Hollywood ten years ago.

-Craig Zablo
(October 20, 2001)


The October 22nd issue of The National Enquirer contains an article entitled Stupid Cupid which looks at celebrity mismatchs. It says this about Sly:

Sylvester Stallone & … Several Loves: When action flick stud-muffin Sly met statuesque Brigitte Nielsen while filming “Rocky IV” in 1985, he declared: “This gorgeous blonde is a towering monument to womanhood.” It was a temporary monument though, because the two hastily divorced in 1988. Afterward, Stallone summed it up: “Love makes you do stupid things like marrying people you shouldn’t.”
 Sly became engaged just a few weeks after meeting model Angie Everhart in 1995. “She’s gorgeous, she’s bright, and she’s my soul mate. I finally found someone I know is the right woman,” he crowed. “I haven’t known her very long, but I want to spend the rest of my life with her.” After breaking off the engagement less than two months later and taking up with Jennifer FlavinSly beat a retreat that Rambo would have been ashamed of: “Engagement? What engagement?” he asked.

Baby Makes Three for SLY and JENNIFER is the headline of an item in Mike Walker‘s All the Gossip column in the same issue. It goes on to say: Yo! It’s Da Stork! Sly Stallone and his wife Jennifer just found out their third bundle of joy will arrive around May 28! The couple has two daughters, but Sly says he loves girls and wants ANOTHER one!

– Craig Zablo (October 20, 2001)