EW: Sly’s Worst Movie

The December 2, 2011 issue of Entertainment Weekly has a cover story called, “Stars’ Worst Movies.” Sly makes the list with “Eye See You” and here’s what they say…

* Sylvester Stallone *
Eye See You (2002)

Costarring: Tom Berenger and Charles Dutton
Tagline: “Survival is a killer.”

Originally titled D-Tox back when it still had hopes of a wide release, this sluggish stockpile of stale serial-killer cliches spent three years in limbo before eking out a blink-and-you’ll-miss it theatrical run.  Sly plays an FBI agent haunted by the murder of his girlfriend with a power-drill and is sent to a remote clinic for post-traumatic stress disorder.  As a blizzard rolls in, one patient starts offing his fellow inmates, and it’s up to you-know-who to save the day.  The punny title refers to the killer’s calling card – in one case he writes the letters “ICU”inside his victim’s eyelids.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Never one to let a double entendre go to waste, Stallone impales the killer on a spike while uttering, “I see you.  You see… this?”


I’d have thought they would have selected “Stop or My Mom Will Shoot” or “Rhinestone.” I guess those would have been too easy. – Craig

Sly Interview in March Impact

Two StalloneZoners (Paul Corr and Ernest Resendes) checked in with a tip about a Sly interview in the March 2002 issue of Impact magazine. Sly refers to “D-Tox” as a “dark horrifying movie… a descent into hell… your worst nightmare.” Sly further indicates that he believes that “D-Tox” will be released in the states and provides an interesting story about the title changes the film has undergone. It was changed from “D-Tox” (because people felt it had to do with recovering alcoholics) to “De-Tox” (too much of a rapper’s name feel) to “Eye See You” (Jennifer Flavin-Stallone‘s idea) back to “D-Tox.” The interviewer covers a couple more aspects of filming “D-Tox” and a few other areas as well. The interview is a worthy find for any Stallone fan!

Paul Corr also says that the April issue of Impact will also feature a closer look at Stallone‘s career. Paul continues: I was privileged to have seen D-tox twice. It was, in my opinion, a first class movie with an excellent performance by Stallone. I have written a short but to the point review in the mymovies site after the Stallonezone tip about the D-Tox clips. It was great to see the main man in the cinema.

The impact web address is http://www.maipublications.co.uk

Thanks to Paul and Ernest for giving us a heads-up on the interview!

– Craig Zablo (March 23, 2002)

SZ Scores Second “Eye See You” Pic

The SZ has scored a second press pic from SLY‘S delayed film “Eye See You” [formerly known as “D-Tox” and “The Outpost”] .   Although the movie has been finished for well over a year, distribution has been scheduled and re-scheduled.   Word is that the film may be released later this year.  Thanks to someone who calls himself “No Burn Brogan.”

Craig Zablo

Sly Pumps Up Residence

Christie sent in the following item which appeared in the Orlando Sentinel under “Celebrity Homes” by: Ruth Ryon of the LA Times.


SYLVESTER STALLONE has completed a two-year expansion of the newly built Beverly Hills-area home he bought in December 1998, for about $10 million.

Just in time for the holidays, STALLONE, who starred in the fall remake of the movie “Get Carter,” put some finishing touches on the home that he shares with his wife, model JENNIFER FLAVIN, and their two children.

Much of the work, including landscaping and improvements, is apparent even from a bird’s-eye view. The Italianstyle villa, on two-plus acres, was given an older, Tuscan look. The estate, behind bronze gates, also has a long driveway and grounds dotted with marble statues of lions, crocodiles and other creatures.

A colorful outdoor play gym with swings and slides has been installed for the children, and the grounds have been completed with a pool, two cabanas, expansive lawns and many trees, amount them redwoods and pines.

When STALLONE bought the house, it had five family bedrooms and two maid’s quarters in about 16,000 square feet, adding a library, more bedrooms and garages. STALLONE, 54, is know to have a passion for building and architecture.

STALLONE teams with BURT REYNOLDS in the sports action movie “Champs,”to be released in April, and he stars in the police thriller “D-Tox,” also due in the spring.

The picture above did not appear with the article. The fact that “D-Tox” is mentioned could be good news… unless it is based on old info (since it was not referred to as “Eye See You”). – Craig



On May 28th, JASON93 posted the web address for a reviewer who caught a sneak preview of “Detox” way back in November of last year. The reviewer ultimately rated the film 3 out of ten but did like some aspects of the film. To view the review click |HERE|

On May 30th, COMING ATTRACTIONS ran a follow-up item from MR. ANONYMOUS who has nothing but praise for “Get Carter.” Mr. Anonymous says that he caught an advance screening and “boy, did the movie deliver. It had top notch performances from the entire cast… How was Sly you ask? I have to say that Stallone was EXCELLENT as Jack Carter. “Get Carter” has got to be Stallone’s best movie in years.” MA goes on to praise the director, cinematographer and Stallone some more!

On June 1st, EDWIN5 posted three web addresses which contained pictures of SLY. One of the pictures was a cool close-up shot of SLY getting ready to lower the visor of his helmet. On the same day ANDREW posted on the board that he had forwarded the photo to the DARK HORIZONS and AIN’T IT COOL websites. On June 2nd the photo appeared at DARK HORIZONS giving credit to the STALLONE ZONE. Thanks to both EDWIN5 and ANDREW (as well as GARTH!)

– Craig Zablo
(June 3, 2000)